This is it. That spot where we are laying it down like it is and paying respekt to those who have spent the blistering nights and many drunken evenings listening to us rave about what this is going to be.

First up goes out to Mark Lillywhite of Inomial, without whom there would not be a site, the man who built the whole damn thing and answered all of our incredibly stupid emails with fortitude and patience. If you want a database built, a website constructed, software developed he is your man!
Mate full respekt!

Second up goes out to Ali and Treehouse, Jacinta and the little ones Otto(man) and Rennie for putting up with the endless banal conversation and yet enjoying themselves as equally on the dancefloor.

Ups to all the DJs, Producers, Musicians and Engineers who have paid their dues in this big beautiful world and laid down some incredible tunes for all to enjoy.

The record labels and their crews, Paul and Alex at Tru Thoughts, Michael at Compost, Liz at Creative Vibes, Lance at Equatorial, Dunc of Far Out Recordings, Anne at Kitty Yo, Michael Ruetten, the lads at Totally Radio and Play FM, Kinski doing his thing for Switchstance, GOD, no just kidding wanted to see if you were still reading that's all. The jazzysport krew and the Hoodlumtribe. All the cats at Freedom Festival, Fluid Ounce and Freerange. 3RRR FM for their support, Lord the list goes on and will surely grow.