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Playlist 16/11/07

1. Phohat - Horizon [Beat & Discovery]
2. Kutiman - Bango Fields [Melting Pot/Creative Vibes]
3. Sebastien Tellier - Georges Thibault Rouhergues [Record Makers]
4. Yael Naim - Toxic [Tot ou Tard]
5. The Luv Bugz - There 4 U [Rappers I Know]
6. Art of Noise - Moments in Love (Caspa Remix) [White]
7. Simbad - DNA Metamorphosis [Raw Fusion/Creative Vibes]
8. Broki vs Simbad - Ahi Viene El Broki [ABCD]
9. Broki feat Lisa M - Brukeaton (Simbad Remix) [ABCD]
10. Hint - Snake Patrol [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
11. Bangana - On My Mind [Heya Hi-Fi]
12. Paul White - The Dragon Fly [One Handed]
13. Ooah - Hacksaw [Glitch Mob]
14. Democustico - O Sonho (Mr Beatnick's Cosmic Bounce Remix) [Far Out]
15. Daru & Rena - Lonely Nights [4Lux]
16. Keynote Speakerz - My Thang [Painted Dog]
17. Nils Krogh - All I Want [DNM]
18. Nostalgia 77 Octet - If at First [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
19. Jose James - Blackeyedsusan [Brownswood/Creative Vibes]
20. Andy Bey - It Ain't Necessarily So [12th Street]
21. Lorez Alexandria - I'm Wishin [Luv n Haight/Creative Vibes]
22. Helge Hurum - Ongura Part III [Plastic Strip]
23. Kjellerrockjazzbandet - Oslo, Late July [Plastic Strip]
24. Jose Mangual Jr - Cuero Na Ma [True Venture]
25. Johnny Zamot - Are You Ready [Grande]
26. Faux Pas - Changes [Faux Pas/Fuse]

Definitely no fronting on the jazz this week, with an extended bracket in the second half of the show, including great new releases from Stylin favourites Nils Krogh, Nostalgia 77, Jose James and the legendary Andy Bey. It wasn't deliberate but there seemed to be more French music than usual this week, starting with the show's opener from Phohat, weirdly finding room for a sample of Marshall Jefferson's 'House Music Anthem' in a hip hop/jazz beatscape! Also from France a moody version of 'Toxic' and soundtrack music from Sebastien Tellier. Three cuts from Simbad too, a London-based producer apparently with some French background. Special mention also for the new wave soul of the Luv Bugz - for those digging the post-neo-soul sounds of J*Davey and Heavy.

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