Michael Ruetten back on the mic and decks again, with a special soulpatrol box full of goodies and Richard Dorfmeister in the studio!

Playlist 6/11/07

soulsearching #523
2. 2 Banks Of 4 Last Nine Days [Sonarkollektiv Test]
3. 2 Banks Of 4 Street Lullaby/Herbert Remix [Sirkus]
4. Ralph McDonald The Path, Parts 1,2,3 [T.K.Records]
5. Tony Allen Kilode/Carl Craig Remix [Honest Jons]
6. Jose James Blackeyed Susan/IG Culture 4 Beat Refit [Brownswood White]
7. Yosaku & DJ Day The Bottle (Guan Guanco) [Test]
8. Willie Wright Right On For The Darkness [Jazzman]
9. The Quantic Soul Orchestra Melodious Wayfarer [Tru Thoughts]
10. K54 Candomble [Urban Allstars]
11. Ed Seven Brown [Straightup Recordings]
12. Mike L The Word Is Cool [First Word Test]
13. Kissey Caos [R2]
14. United Legends vs. Sleepwalker Pieces Of You feat. Yukimi Nagano [Especial]
15. Gecko Turner Monosabio Blues feat. Eska/Philip Owusu Remix [Lovemonk Test]
16. Jackhigh Earth Changes [UpMyAlley004 Test]
17. Flying Lotus Tea Leaf Dancers [Warp]
RICHARD DORFMEISTER sunday afternoon at the soulsearching studio...
19. Rodney Hunter No Stoppin [G-Stone]
20. Nicolette No Government/Makossa & Megablast Remix [White]
21. MDLA vs. Richard Dorfmeister Brazil [Test]
22. Rodney Hunter Wanna Groove/Wahoo Remix [G-Stone Test]
24. Simbad Ain't No Sunshine [Raw Fusion Test]


hhmmmmmm, nice session last saturday, the way it should be! big thanks to everyone involved and you, the audience...next soulsearching session comin' for sure, watch out for the soulsearching radio bar at the jazznotjazz.de festival celebrating 15 years of INFRACom! in Frankfurt end of this month.

back on the mix and turntables for another installment of the soulsearching show with bunches of new stuff and a masterpiece that is ralph mcdonalds 17minutes of "the path". can't wait to play that out on a proper soundsystem primetime soonest!
also in the show a little afternoon hangout session with richard dorfmeister last sunday. new music and nice words, check it. extra thanks to dr. rich.

enjoy the music,


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