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Playlist 26/10/07

1. Ricky V Valentine - Ghetto Classics [Family]
2. DJ Format - Stealin James Part 2 [TD]
3. Audible Doctor - Boom Bap [AMD]
4. Lukid - The Now (Hudson Mohawke Remix) [Werk]
6. Sam Clarence - Sextant Daktari [Remake]
7. Soul Designer - Rockit [Third Ear]
8. Radio Slave - Dedication [Rekids]
9. Herbie Hancock - Nobu [Columbia]
11. Muro & Zoro - East River Park [Toy's Factory]
12. Eugene Blacknell - Holding On [Luv n Haight/Creative Vibes]
13. Starship Orchestra - Serious Business [Columbia]
14. Pieces of Peace - Cease Fire [Quannum]
15. Jill Scott - Insomnia [Hidden Beach/Universal]
16. Tassel & Naturel - I Loved You [Seven Islands]
17. Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah - Sun of Man [Babygrande]
18. DJ Deckstream feat Surreal - 1 2 3 Contact [Lexington]
19. Scribe - FRESH [Dirty/Warner]
20. Steppah Huntah - I Don't Know (Fusion Region Remix instrumental by Mitsu the Beats) [Jazzmin]
21. Guynamite - A New Beginning [Mukatsuku]
22. Kutiman - Losing It [Melting Pot/Creative Vibes]
23. Roland Louis Orchestra - Play Up Play Up [Mokili]
24. Gordon Henderson - The Higher Bidder [Mokili]
25. Primitive - Creation of Music [Jazzman]
26. Chucho Valdes - La Sombra [Sonar Kollektiv/Inertia]
27. Seu Jorge - Mariana [Javali Valente]
28. Arthur Verocai - Tupa Tupi [Far Out]
29. Tape Five - Cancun (Tribute to Henry Mancini) [Chin Chin]
30. Phoneheads & the Dusseldoft Symphonic Orchestra - Glam [Infracom/Creative Vibes]

When it occurred to me that I had unwittingly brought in three Herbie Hancock-influenced techno tunes, it seemed only right to gather them a la Trainspotters' Corner. Sam Clarence's 'Sextant Daktari' samples 'Rain Dance' from Herbie's 1972 'Sextant' album. Soul Designer (aka Fabrice Lig) covers the Herbie's 1983 electro funk hit 'Rockit'. Finally Radio Slave adds some beats to 'Nobu' from the 1974 Japan-only 'Dedication' album.

We also had two tributes to James Brown by DJ Format and Audible Doctor, and one to Henry Macini's 'Lujon' from Tape Five. Albums to check are the Audible Doctor's 'Brownies' (like 'Donuts', but with James Brown samples) and Kutiman's afro-funk experiments. Sonar Kollektiv also come with a superb collection of Cuban tunes, 'Nueva Vision'.

Next week, Tru Thoughts A&R man Rob Luis joins me in the studio.

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a lert said:
rockin herbie set!
ennio styles said:
thanks a lert - herbie was decades ahead of these techno punks! (actually i quite like these techno punks)
Soul Designer said:
Hi ! Just wanted to thank u for your support...to make a cover of Herbie was a 100% fun for me, as that "Rockit" track is one og my first contat to "electro" music when I was kid. Then, was a bit stressy to put it out as I knew, some fans could be hurted:-), I understand it, but I made it as a (humble) tribute, as Herbie is the master of high tech jazz...
ennio styles said:
thanks fabrice. herbie's rockit was a formative tune for me too. and there have been plenty of your tunes on stylin over the years, including two in recent weeks and your remix of duplex which was in the best of 2003 show

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