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Playlist 24/10/07

1. Build An Ark - You yourself are the key to the universe (The long lost remix) [ Kindred Spirit]
2. The Naciente Quartet - Hymn beat [ The Hooter Listens]
3. Swell Session - Masa’s Theme [ Freerange]
4. Creative Use - Higher (Edit non) [ Creative Use]
5. J Star - Hotslengdubplate [ White]
6. The Pioneers - I need your sweet inspiration (Justin Robertson mix) [ Trojan]
7. Skipworth And Turner - Thinking about your love [ 4th and Broadway]
8. Hanna & Beatr8 - Better than nothing [ Mukatsuku]
9. Popular Peoples Front - Loose in Lisboa [ White]
10. COMBI - It come fast [ White]
11. Color Climax - Disque O Heights [ Breakin Bread]
12. Prince - Chelsea (Yam Who edit) [ White]
13. COMBI - I found morning [ White]

Some great music coming out at the moment, makes it difficult to decide what to put on the show! Definitely check the albums from both Swell Session and Build An Ark, both a long time in the making but the standard of musicianship on both is unbelievable.

Lots of quality disco edits coming out at the moment too, so the second half of the show is much more upbeat that the first. But hey, there is something for everyone, spiritual folk, African rhythms, remixed gospel, cheeky dub edits, a good bit of boogie and some chugging disco.

Enjoy the selections


martin said:
Hi hood man

great tunes this week Im a mancunian also
where will we find you playing out in the town.

I checked the swell sessions my space they have 2 videos quality stuff, do you know if there is a release due out on vinyl..
I know there are a couple of samplers but that tune you played from mamas hes one cool sax player bit like soil and pimp...

listen to you soon
Mat Hoods said:
Hi Martin

Great to hear from you! As far as I know its gonna be a while before the Swell Session album is put on vinyl, being impatient I just bought the CD but its well worth a purchase... The track I played is the last tune on the album, but the whole thing is amazing. Brilliant production and styles! Have you checked the scruff video online?

No planned Manc gigs at teh moment, the next one I have booked is London at the Big Chill House on the 15th Dec but I'll keep you all posted if anything pops up in the meantime :D

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