Toshio Matsuura presents Freestyle exclusives and jazzed out happenings from the Jap Jazz captain marvel.

Playlist 23/10/07

1. J's Bee Gekko [KSR test]
2. José James Velvet [Brownswood test]
3. Zed Bias Experimentation [Sick Trumpet test]
4. Kyuniyuki Takahashi Dear African Sky [mule musiq test]
5. Bobby Carcasses Emiliano 1ro [Sonar Kollektiv test]
6. Zeep Zeep Dreams - DJ LK mix [Far Out test]
7. Dining Rooms Fatale - Cristian Prommer remix [Schema test]
8. Mustang Let The Rhythm Get In - Unreleased Dub [Black Label test]
9. Wojtek Urbanski Piano Pianoli Envee's Ponglish Dub remix [Compost]


blair said:
ahh toshio does it again! very much digging the new Kyuniyuki Takahashi tune man.
mrjones said:
José James, what a voice!!! And Dining Rooms my favourite, always... thank you again 711!

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