Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the spectrum of the planet. Balkan Beats to Outernational Dub.

Playlist 18/10/07 - Elektrobalkan Beast #1

1. Disko Partizani Shantel [Essay]
2. Cajesukarije Čoček Goran Bregovic [Mercury]
3. Wedding Čoček Goran Bregovic [Mercury]
4. Šota Shantel [Essay]
5. Kewok Stefano Miele [No Fridge]
6. Super Rifle (Balkan Express Train Robber)y JUF [Stinky]
7. Mozarella Kal (Gaetano rmx) [Crammed]
8. The Chocolate Butterfly Dunkelbunt [Chatchapeau]
9. Amari Szi, Amari Szi Luminescent Orchestrii [Putumayo]
10. Buba Mara Boban Marcovic + BJ Nevenko [White]
11. Demo Mamo Romano Drom + BJ Nevenko [White]
12. Katcheratz Shazalakazoo [White]
13. Kibori Mahala Rai banda + Beam Up [White]
14. Vasalache DJ Click [No Fridge]
15. Spoitoresa Mahala Rai Banda + Russ-n-Roc [Crammed]
16. Vino Vino Eastenders [Manteca]
17. Hava Nagila Municipale balcanica + Beam Up [Atlantic Jaxx]

Balkan beats have been on the up for quite some time now. Arising from the centuries old celebration music mainly from the Rom & Eastern Europe in general. A right old mix up of music: meeting, swapping & absorbing melodies, emotions, tricks over hundreds of years. For a while now, this music has been mixed very well with club sounds. Balkanisation of night clubs? Why not? Perfect. This episode takes you through some of the latest and classic beefed up tunes. Some remixes, some originals - same spirit. Here we go from 4 on the floor right up to drum & bass. Push back the chairs, down a Slivovitz or 3, turn it up & dance!

Check out these tunes & more at the Balkan Beasts' amped parties in Australia.


delay said:
make sure you check out the other balkan mixes on Into The Groovy :)
Jen said:
Lovin' the Balkan vibe!!
uncle sam said:
the BEST!!! well done great ...this is it wat i was looking for...
Dj Delay said:
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