Toshio Matsuura presents Freestyle exclusives and jazzed out happenings from the Jap Jazz captain marvel.

Playlist 10/10/07

1. Ben Mi Duck Stepping Back [Treble O]
2. Jose James Winterwind [Brwonswood test]
3. Kissey Asplund With You [BBE test]
4. Amp Fiddler If I don't [Afro Strut test]
5. Benny SIngs Feather [Digital Kollektiv]
6. Michelle Amadar Because of you - Atjazz remix [Sick Trumpet]
7. Marvin Gay Funky Space Reincarnation [CDR]
8. Antonio Adolfo SOS Amazonas [Far Out test]
9. LA 440 Y No Me Ire [Sonar Kollektiv test]
10. Nicole Willis If This Ain't Love - Mr Scruff mix [ATC]
11. Black Joy Metalboss - Restless Soul mix [Project Recordings]
12. Drtriix Kinetic Theory [op.disc test]


leo said:
to work with your music is fantastic! thanks.
alienne said:
grand-soul-family super-groove-daddy
alienne said:
and yes im part robot-cyborgian-sista vibe maker
V 1. alpha-beat
Techno Trauma Android said:
... I made Toshio ... well almost ... I was happy tripping 18 years ago in Omotesando. Mr Matsuura is as spendid as sunrise

As far as I know, I am not a robot.