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Playlist 5/10/07 with Steve Spacek & Mark Pritchard

1. Janelle Monae - Sincerely, Jane [Wondaland Arts Society]
2. Comfort FIt - Astro Dancin [Swedish Brandy]
3. Seietsu - (track B2) [Tribe]
4. Nicole Willis - If This Ain't Love (Elizabeth Shepherd Trio Remix) [Above the Clouds]
5. Idea 6 - Bells (I'll be Waiting) [Deja Vu]
6. DJ Grievous - Fall Down [Localrec]
7. Che'nelle - Summer Jam [EMI]
9. Steve Spacek - Dollar [Sound in Color/Jam]
10. Spacek - How Do I Move [Island Blue]
11. Black Pocket - Thank You and Credits [Exit]
12. Morgan feat Steve Spacek - IIII [Brownswood/Creative Vibes]
13. Steve Spacek - URUB [Jazzy Sport]
14. Harmonic 33 - Carousel [Warp/Inertia]
15. Katalyst feat Steve Spacek - How Bout Us [Invada/Inertia]
17. Jazz Thieves - We Keep the Funk [Pushin Wax]
18. Pure P - The Love Song [GAMM]
20. Harmonic 313 - Flashback [Warp/Inertia]
21. Global Communication - 14:31 [Dedicated]
22. Jedi Knights - Solina (The Ascension) [Evolution]
23. Harmonic 33 - Where Have They Gone? [Alphabet Zoo]
24. Harmonic 313 - Cyclotron [Warp/Inertia]
25. Troubleman - Have a Good Time [Far Out]
26. Troubleman - Toda Hora [Far Out]
27. Azymuth - Carambola (Mark Pritchard Remix) [Far Out]
29. Domu presents Pete Simpson - Ain't No Fool [Papa/Stomp]
30. Michelle Amador - Because of You [Sick Trumpet]
31. Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig Remix) [Honest Jons]

We caught up with two giants of the scene - Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard - ahead of their smashing set at Miss Libertines on Saturday night. By coincidence, Steve and Mark relocated from the UK to Sydney in the same week, and have managed to both maintain a high work-rate since the move. 'URUB' heard on this show is one of many collaborations they have done together. Steve is also set to do some more dates around the country with Sydney beatmaker Katalyst, with whom he has recently teamed up for the incredible 'How Bout Us'. Mark Pritchard's Detroit tech hip hop alias Harmonic 313 releases an EP in November, with an album to follow in 2008 (check 'Cyclotron').

I still got to squeeze in a few cuts from a bag bursting with music. Japanese hip hop jazz instrumentals from Seietsu and DJ Grievous, a jazz waltz from Idea 6, the Jazz Thieves making Maceo go drum & bass, soulful grown-ups music from Domu & Pete Simpson and some techier sounds from Michelle Amador and Carl Craig. We also had a Stylin soul favourite from Nicole Willis given the jazz dance treatment. You might think the name Che'Nelle tells you all you need to know about that artist. Well you'd be right that she's an R&B singer, but she's actually a Eurasian one from Perth!

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