Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to outernational dub.

Playlist 04/10/07 - Eurobass #1

1. Siriusmo Wow [Bpitchcontrol]
2. Modeselektor Dark Side Of The Sun (+ Puppetmastaz) [Bpitchcontrol]
3. Modeselektor 2000007 (+ TTC) [Bpitchcontrol]
4. Litwinenko Onetimer [Detroit Underground]
5. Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart We Are All Prostitutes [Exploited]
6. Dokkebi Q Gobbledygook [Dokkebi Q]
7. Dokkebi Q Coconut Milk [Dokkebi Q]
8. Hyperdub ? [Hyperdub]
9. Stereotyp vs Al Haca Nu Styling (+ DJ Collage) [Klein]
10. Al Haca Baby Blue [Traktor]
11. Al Haca Family Business [Traktor]
12. Litwinenko Special Dump'n'Chase [Detroit Underground]
13. Litwinenko Face Off [Detroit Underground]
14. Modeselektor The White Chase (+ Thom Yorke) [Bpitchcontrol]
15. Modeselektor Déboutonner (+ Siriusmo) [Bpitchcontrol]
16. Paul Kalkenbrenner GIA 2000 (Modeselektor rmx) [Bpitchcontrol]

After a short hiatus & Eurotour I've returned with loads of new goodies that'll be in the next few shows. This mix has some killer tunes from UK/Japanese dubstep/future reggae duo Dokkebi Q, new Modeselektor, Litwinenko, Adam Sky/The Pop Group (remember Adamski??) & Al Haca Soundsystem.



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