FDEL @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney

DJ Fdel is another artist out on the Invada Records label. His has seemless hip-hop to funk sensibilities, old school, new school, any-kinda-school as long as it’s cool, sampled, and you can dance to it. Break Inn is the Friday night at Chinese Laundry. Put these two together and what do you get? The only Sydney visit in this tour of the WA sample and cut-up aficionado Fdel. Beautiful.

Local support came in the form of DJ Sound Hustla. There were many good throwdowns, as people danced-it to this high-energy jazz-funk DJ whom I had never seen play live before, but hope to see again. Very Gilles Peterson / Blair Stafford with a little less rare-groove.

Then Fdel came on, and began slipping in his subtle-but-detectable sub-samples and rough-cuts, with hard funk and groovy hip-hop stylings. The Chinese Laundry resembled a 70’s dancehall, everyone had their head down & their feet moving. There was little time to stop for a drink as the mix’s moved fast and if you stopped you may have well missed a sample from your favourite track.
I have to say I was shocked and horrified to hear a mix including ‘Renegade Master’ and ‘Everybody loves the Sunshine’ in the same order as played by Flow Dynamics during his last set in Sydney (see review 24/8/07). That’s all I have to say about that.

Grand Master Flash, A Tribe Called Quest and Beastie Boys all featured at some point, with random slices and samples that made for a feel-good, highly danceable, and thoroughly enjoyable set. Fdel’s album version of ‘Rocksteady’ went down a treat, with a wicked combination of downbeat, soul, funk samples and the odd scratch pickup (check it out on the Invada Records website…). The set lasted a full two hours, despite a tired Fdel.

I look forward to the December tour with Featurecast (UK), where there should be some interesting multi-deck type-action. So should you.