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Playlist 21/09/07 with Aloe Blacc

1. Broken Time Orchestra - Ava [Julm]
2. Kevin Saunderson - Till We Meet Again (Carl Craig Remix) [Planet E KMS]
3. Mark Broom - New Life [Minimise]
4. Fulgeance - Chico [Musique Large]
5. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - High Life (Bone Us Beat) [Wonderful Noise]
6. The One - Beautiful Wonderful (Vikter Duplaix Remix) [Om/Stomp]
7. The One - Dead Roses [Om/Stomp]
8. Hezekiah - Bombs Over Here [Rawkus/Inertia]
9. 9th Wonder feat feat Keisha Shontelle & Chaundon - Sunday [6 Hole/Stomp]
10. Soulstice feat Olivier Daysoul - Not Perfect [Wandering Soul]
11. Jill Scott - My Love [Hidden Beach/Universal]
12. G&D - The Message [Look]
14. Aldemaro Romero - Tema de la Onda [Deja Vu/Creative Vibes]
15. Aldemaro Romero - Que Bonita es mi Tierra [Onda Nueva]
16. Aldemaro Romero - Little Love Bird [CBS]
17. Aldemaro Romero - El Musiquito [Onda Nueva]
19. Salah Ragab - Tribute to Sun Ra [Art Yard]
20. Quantic Soul Orchestra feat J-Live - She Said What [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
22. Mamborama - Es Solo Musica [Yo Mambo]
23. Diesler - When She Was Bad [Freestyle/Creative Vibes]
25. Emanon - The Reasons (Remix) [Shaman Work]
26. Aloe Blacc, Dr Oop & Madlib - Let You Be You [cdr]
27. Aloe Blacc, Luiz Bonfa & Teamir - I Should Tell You [cdr]
28. Aloe Blacc - Mi Familia (re-recording) [cdr]
29. Under Clover - Hold On [Live in Stylin]
30. Aloe Blacc - Can't Stay [cdr]
31. Aloe Blacc - unknown instrumental [cdr]

Aloe Blacc drops in with a glimpse into some of his forthcoming projects and a moving live performance of 'Hold On'. He sings, he raps, he dances, he plays all the instruments. Basically, Aloe Blacc is all you need!

We also paid tribute to composer Aldemaro Romero who passed away last weekend. Romero was a giant of Venezuelan music, a key figure in the 'Onda Nueva' movement, Venezuela's answer to the bossa nova. His music has been remixed more recently by Stylin-friendly artists like Nicola Conte and Doktor Zoil.

Other notable selections: techno from Carl Craig and Mark Broom, wonky electronic hip hop soul from The One, Jill Scott back with a new album, G&D aka Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, Quantic Soul Orchestra go latin with J-Live on the verse, and 70s Egyptian jazz from Salah Ragab expecting its first ever release in late 07. For Trainspotters' Corner, Diesler samples the piano riff from Mamborama's smoking 2000 descarga 'Es Solo Musica'.

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