Special Ninja Tune guest, DJ Saffrola lays it on thick in the mix for us.

Playlist DJ Saffrola

1. Near the sky feat. Isabel saffrolla [saffrolla sounds]
2. Boom sumting feat. Demolition Man dj vadim [bbe]
3. Ruling everything yo mamas nature [white label]
4. The Nice Up Rodney p [Lowlife Records]
5. Small horse woman shelly thunder [sleeping bag records]
6. Ing mungos hi-fi [dub head]
7. Hatsuyume-feat Hunger Dj Kentaro [Ninja tune]
8. Who’s the daddy New Flesh [Big Dada]
9. My casio (inst) automato [capitol records]
10. Abc Jackson 5(salaam remi rmx) [Motown]
11. feel the horns blow Red astaire [home grown records]
12. Crisps Mr Scruff [Ninja Tune]
13. Follow the Leader(Accapella) Eric B [MCA Records]
14. Playing with punks D.M.W [White Label]
15. Fight the power Public Enemy [Def Jam]
16. Stone Roses Fools Gold
17. Run Das Efx D.M.W [White Label]
18. Beats and Pieces (live) Coldcut [Ninja Tune]
19. Mona Lisa Slick Rick [Def Jam]
20. Rasberries Seiji [Sonar Kollecktiv]
21. Paper Baby feat Isabel Saffrolla [Saffrolla Sounds]
22. Acid 2000 Luke Vibert [Planet Mu]
23. Stop Me Mark Ronson [All I do records]
24. Sitting on the dock of the bay Peggy Lee [Replay Records]
25. Check it out Beastie boys [ ]
26. Bushy Drop [Catskills]
27. Gold Digga (High Contrast Mix) Kanye west [White Label]
28. Chase the devil Unknown vs max romeo [Jacked002a]
29. Jungalist (remix) Conganatty [White Label]
30. Jah War feat flow dan The Bug [Ninja Tune]
31. Gangsters Wiley [Big Dada]
32. Make Me Skream [Tempa Records]
33. Daedelus Hermitage [Ninja Tune]

Adrian Josey a.k.a DJ Saffrolla Ninja Tune Solid Steel DJ, Vocalist and former Pest member bops his afro while spinning tunes up and down the country in London, throughout Europe and Japan with the likes of; Hexstatic, Mr Thing, Vadim, and Zero DB.

His dj set offers a mix through the genres and bpms- sprinkling and mixing in hip hop, ninja funk, breakbeat, electro/techno acid, drum`n bass, Dub Step and a general assorted mish-mash of beats, his dj technique and sound is fitting for most clubs and their grooving patrons.

His extensive record collection keeps growing - comprised of two decades of vinyl collecting. It reflects a style which keeps morphing. At what point did it start? "Well for me - in the beginning there was Dougie Fresh, The Show..."

Saffrolla..s vocal contribution spans over ten years, appearing on classic tunes such as wuju, dr.umz, and negativity, he writes, performs, engineers and lays lyrics on his own beats as well as co-artist collaborations.

Having completed 4 European and 2 UK band/dj tours he's been seasoned to a tour life on wheels, stopping for sound checks, gigs and tuna. Plus, co-produced and released 2 albums and numerous singles.

At Present Saffrolla is working on a his own Album for release next year, working with artist such as Isabel Fructuoso (former singer for Afromedusa), Dj shorty, Mc Angel, and Gadi Sassoon.

Saffrolla is all of the above. Packaged and delivered via his label - Saffrolla-Sounds, being involved in every element of the industry mechanics has helped keep his finely tuned Saffrolla..Sounds machine real.



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