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Playlist 7/09/07

1. Guts - Intro [Wax On]
2. Gap Mangione Trio - Boys with Toys [Ubiquity/Creative Vibes]
3. DJ Cam Quartet - Tribute to J Dilla [Wagram/Creative Vibes]
4. Efterklang - Mirador [Leaf/Inertia]
5. Spencer Doran & White Sunglasses - Awakening [Female Fun]
6. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - New York City [Wonderful Noise]
7. Lewis McCallum - Fly or Die [Antipodean]
8. Freesoul Sessions - Bahia 2010 [Antipodean]
9. Luisito Quintero - Tumbao (LV EOL Remix) [BBE/Inertia]
10. Rufuss - Obsidian Soul (Latin Tronik Orchestra Remix) [Qalomota]
11. Rasmus Faber - Demanda (Alf Tumble Remix) [Farplane]
12. Omar - Sing (DJ Dodge Remix) [Blunt]
13. James Taylor Quartet - Got to Give it Up [Dome/Stomp]
14. Cookin on 3 Burners - Tuesday Night Sleuth [Knowfoowl/Inertia]
15. Zoltar - Executive Party [Freestyle/Creative Vibes]
16. Katalyst feat Steve Spacek - How Bout Us [Invada/Inertia]
17. Guts - Good Morning [Wax On]
18. Skymark - Stop [Soul Sociedad]
19. John (Dwele's Son) - Beep Me Find Me [cdr]
20. High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Hospital/Inertia]
21. Heavy - Sam [BBE/Inertia]
22. Planet Mohawk feat Olivier Daysoul - If You [cdr]
23. Fania Allstars - The Click (Kashmeer Brothers Remix) [Fania]
24. Ginga Snaps - Lloraras [Bstrd Boots]
25. Color Climax - Pa Coco Solo [Breakin Bread/Creative Vibes]
26. Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving [white]
27. Blue States - What Can Be Done to Right a Wrong [Memphis Industries]

Album tips this week: Guts' 'Le Bienhereux' for anyone that enjoyed the Onra & Quetzal album. Skymark also comes through on a similar tip with the self-explanatory 'Deep Soul Revisited'. The Bamboos/Cookin on 3 Burners side project 'Black Feeling' compilation is out at last on Freestyle. Killer intrumental covers.

Also check out Spencer Doran doing an Pharoah Sanders impression with electronics, latin house from Luisito Quintero/Louie Vega, Rufuss and Sumo's Alf Tumble, a great collab with Sydney's Katalyst and Steve Spacek (like 'Dollar' part 2?), speedy 80's influenced soul from Heavy and Planet Mohawk, and a couple of super-catchy tunes from Sonny J and Blue States to close the show.

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