Michael Ruetten with a special tribute mix for Joe Zawinul R.I.P. plus DJ Capstone mixtape - and some BIG tunes in the box. check it.

Playlist 14/09/07

soulsearching #516
2. The Temptations Zoom [Gordy/Motown]
3. Christian Prommer Drumlesson Can You Feel It [Sonarkollektiv]
4. Jose James Desire [Brownswood]
5. Ben Mi Duck Steppin Back [Treble O Test]
6. The Stance Brothers Jay's Lament [Ricky Tick ]
JOE ZAWINUL soulsearching tribute
8. Miles Davis In A Silent Way [Columbia]
9. Cannonball Adderley Quintet Country Preacher [Capitol]
10. Cannoball Adderley Quintet Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [Capitol]
11. Weather Report Scarlet Woman Excerpt/Live [CBS]
12. Weather Report 125th Street Congress [Columbia]
13. Cannonball Adderley Quintet Walk Tall [Capitol ]
14. Weather Report Waterfall [Columbia]
DJ CAPSTONE summer breeze mixtape
16. Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos Mungaga [N/A]
17. Mr. President feat. Mr. Day Love And Happiness [Favorite]
18. Ray Perez Record En TV [N/A]
19. Ekambi Brilliant Aboki [Sonodisc]
20. Moonstarr Slacker/Instrumental [Sonarkollektiv]
21. Ray Bryant The Fox Stalker [Cadet]
22. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson We Almost Lost Detroit [Arista]
23. Marcina Arnold Forefathers [Counterpoint]
24. Greenwood Rythm Coalition Greenwood Groove [N/A]
25. Dimenzio Bamba [Pepita]
27. Omar & Stevie Wonder Feeling You/Henrik Schwarz Remix [Test]
28. Reggie Dokes The Skin I'm In [Third Ear ]


strange times, not a week goes by without the sad news about musicians passin' away.
jon lucien, max roach, bobby byrd, all the big names in music that's so important for the inspiration of doin' the radio, music,... and now at the age of 75 the man of the quiet moments in jazz and souljazz and the one who first clashed jazz and techno back in '71 with his groundbreakin group weather report. he 's been a member of the miles davis group in times of "in a silent way" and "bitches brew", in the late 60's he was the only white musician who was allowed to play in an all black musicians group called the cannonball adderley quintet who also performed to pure black crowds - even Miles was jealous because of this fact . . . the pianist Joe Zawinul passed away 11.September - he leaves us behind with big jazz hits like "mercy mercy mercy", "walk tall", "country preacher", "birdland" , to name but a few.
from the soul of jazz to the experimental fusion of jazz and electronic plus a touch of rock - he's been there , many times before others followed then.
a little tribute mix to say goodbye out of my box in the show.
plus a mixtape which i have been receiving a while ago, broadcasted it in the frankfurt show already, now is the time for a wider audience to listen to DJ Capstone's fine mixture of jazz, funk and a slice of hiphop and electronica. he's the keyboarder with bonobo live, played with the quantic soul orchestra and is now goin solo, dj wise and as a musician. check myspace.com/djcapstone.

also BIG jazz tunes by jose james, ben mi duck and christian prommer plus henrik schwarz in the box. check it.

next show will arrive soon with a jazzfreaks mix out of france, courtesy of arthur borgnis.

enjoy the music,


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