Michael with his tribute mix John Lucien R.I.P. plus Mamba Con (Hugo) Mendez, the heat is on!

Playlist 4/09/07

3. Jamie Woon Spirits [Festival CDR]
4. The Fusion Experience Tokyoblue [Fusion Music ]
5. Mr White You Rock Me [Alleviated Records]
6. Francesco Tristano Strings Of Life [Infiné]
7. Milton Banana Trio Primitivo [Odeon Brasil]
8. Johnnie Colon Ya Yi Ki [Fania]
MAMBO CON MENDEZ a tropical warehousemix by HUGO MENDEZ
10. Ray Santos Piena 67 [Gema]
11. Los Galleros Tabaco Mascao [Fuentes]
12. Felix Del Rosario Y Su Orchesta La Escoba [Borinquen]
13. Mister Lof Jeunesse Vauclin [Le Parade]
14. Pedro Laza Y Su Pelayeros Linda Magdalena [Fuentes]
15. Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers Oje Omoba [Philips Nigeria]
16. Moussa Doumbia Samba [Sacodis]
17. Cortijo Y Su Combo Micaela [Rumba]
18. Espinoza Y Miramar Clarinete Y Bombardino [Ondina]
19. Les Rapaces Mpuli Man Muni [Celini]
20. Les Difficiles Voodoo Merengue [Shango]
21. TP Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin [Albarika Store]
22. CK Mann Fa Wa'aka Man [Essiebons]
23. Sangre Joven Zamba Zamba [Mag]
24. Star Band De Dakar Le Lolaye [Kasse]
26. Mulatu Astatke Enè Alantchi Alnorem [L'Arome]
27. Little Dragon Twice [Peacefrog]
JON LUCIEN R.I.P. - A soulsearching TRIBUTE
29. Jon Lucien Lady Love [RCA]
30. Jon Lucien Soul Chant [RCA]
31. Jon Lucien Creole Lady [Columbia]
32. Jon Lucien Listen Love [RCA]
33. Jon Lucien Would You Believe In Me [RCA]
34. Jon Lucien Search For The Inner Self [Luv'n'Haight]
35. Jon Lucien Who Will Buy? [RCA]
36. Block 16 feat. Jon Lucien Morning Sun Outro [Nuphonic]


THE soul voice passed away: Mr. Jon Lucien died on August 18th far too early at the age of 65 due to respiratory failure and other complications. He blessed us with his music of which he said in his own words: "I would say my sound is a romantic sound ... it's water ... it's ocean ... it's tranquility..." If you only take his song "Lady Love" which is definately my favourite love song of all time you can hear and feel all that in there. As he wasn't easy to categorize he never had the big success he deserved , somewhere between Jazz and Soul he had his very own sound and a voice that soothes your soul. May he rest in peace - a soulsearching tribute mix at the end of this weeks show.
First part of the show with Jamie Woon, who just performed a wonderful live gig at LAZY. a week ago, starting with the tune "Spirits" and ending with a nice coverversion of Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love" which had all the crowd singin the chorus in a very quiet , magical way. New music by Ray Harris' Fusion Experience as yet only released in Japan, another StringsOfLife piano moment courtesy of Francesco Tristano, Mr. White's overlooked A-Side and loads of tropical heat within the fantastic mix by Hugo Mendez, who is running hot warehouse parties in London with sounds and music rare as hell out of South America & Africa. Need to check his sets out live next time i 'm over there. Big thanks, Hugo!

summer breeze mix series comin to an end next week with a mix by DJ Capstone out of the Tru Thoughts camp.

enjoy the music,


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