Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 1/09/07

1. Noise In Your Stereo - Adi Dick [ Noise in your Stereo EP / First Take Records]
2. Scissor Hands - Julien Dyne [ Phantom Limb EP ]
3. Untitled 6 - Skymark [ Unreleased]
4. Untitled Instrumental - Veto Money [ Unreleased]
5. Shorties On The Block - Sa-Ra Creative Partners [ ]
6. Stepping Into Tomorrow - Donald Byrd [ Stepping into Tomorrow / Blue Note]
7. Untitled 7- Skymark [ Unreleased]
8. The Light - Andreya Triana, Some Freak & Richard Eigner [ Various Assets - Not for Sale]
9. Dance Sing - Theo Parrish [ Twin Cities EP / Harmonie Park]
10. Sawala Sayale - Theo Parrish [ I Can Take It EP / Sound Signature]
11. Dulcet Tones of a Sunrise - Sofie Loizou [ Unreleased]
12. Walk On Ideas - Roman Rosic [ Unreleased]
13. Excerpt from a Live Improvisation - Om'Mas Keith & Larry Mizell
14. Without You - Troubleman (feat. steve spacek) [ Time out of Mind / Far Out]
15. Too Good To Be True - Roman Rosic [ Unreleased]

The Cologne Formula, presented by Sofie Loizou

Take 15 cutting edge music producers, and instrumentalists, and stick them in a studio for 10 days, feed them an array of quality analogue goodies, good food and some tasty german bier, and what will happen? Red Bull Music Academy just attempted such a feat in their newly built Yadastar studios in Cologne, Germany. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the experiment, aptly named "A Class of Its Own".

The results were astounding, with over 30 tracks completed and many new sonic connections forged. Amongst the artists involved were The Mizell Brothers, Andreya Triana, Steve Spacek, Theo Parrish, Om'Mas Keith from Sa Ra Creative Partners and Mark Pritchard. This podcast features some hand picked tracks from the participants of A Class of Its Own blended with some subliminal audio moments and sonic snapshots recorded around the studios during those 10 days.

For more information on what went down, and what will happen to the results, visit, and for more insights into the experience.


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