Toshio Matsuura presents Freestyle exclusives and jazzed out happenings from the Jap Jazz captain marvel.

Playlist 28/08/07

1. Clara Hill's Folkwaves About You [ Sonar Kollektiv test]
2. Ghst Bust@ Twilight [ Libyus Music test]
3. Jon Lucien Would You Believe in Me [RCA]
4. Zap Mama 1000 wings [Heads Up]
5. HEAVy Contdown [BBE test]
6. MIA Boyz [XL]
7. Galactic Squarebiz [Anti test]
8. Kutiman No Groove Where I Come from [MPM / Inpartmaint test]
9. Sygaire The Barracuda [Raw Fusion test]
10. Barakas Stabilo Bossa [Tru Thoughts]
11. Kahuun Slyngel -Yellowtail BTEK remix [Bagpak test]
12. Bossa Futura Sol Y Luna - Nu Tropic mix [ Further Out test]


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