World-psy-dub to chill up or warm down to - surrounded by core provoking bass and vocals.

Playlist 15/08/07

1. Mantrix Spontaneous Existence
2. Robin Williams Good Morning Vietnam
3. The Orb Valley
4. George Bush 9/11 Speech
5. Jello Biafra Message from our sponsors
6. Drum Druids Last Summer
7. Stephen Hawkins Waves
8. Entheogenic Aranyanara_Abakus remix
9. Groucho Marx College Speech
10. Third Ear Audio Freak of Nature
11. Chopstick Got the Lovin
12. Fat Freddy’s Drop Wandering Eye
13. Evil Nine Snack Bar Lounge
14. Shantel Bucovina
15. Lord Buckley The Hip Ghan

From Glitchy dub to Ambient Trip Hop, this is musical storytelling by Undercurrent’s Mark Saunders.

It’s a sleepy creeper with plenty of wild vocals.


James Wilson said:

do you know what this mixe pictures in my mind?
Dan Monceaux said:
I reckon our act might interest you:

...let us know if you want some material for your show!
Nev said:
Hey all,

Is Undercurrents still happening? I've been away for a while and noticed the last upload was in August 07.

Love the show, love to hear more.

Cheers, Nev.

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