Michael Ruetten with a mixed soulpatrol box, from marvin to little dragon, marbert rocel, herbie hancock to bugge wesseltoft plus TDR mixtape!

Playlist 14/08/07

soulsearching #512
2. Linkwood Family Piece Of Mind [Firecracker EP3]
3. Marvin Gaye What's Goin On Reconstruction [Shhhh...Edits 1]
4. AIFF Life [Unique]
5. Dom Um Romao Angels [Muse LP Espirito Du Tempo 1975]
6. Freesoul Sessions Bahia 2010 [Antipodean Test]
7. Herbie Hancock Just Around The Corner [CBS LP Mr. Hands ]
8. Ramp The Old One, Two [Luv'n'Haight Promo]
9. Milez Benjiman All The People [Ubiquity Promo]
10. Marbert Rocel Beats Like Birds [Compost Testpressing]
11. Little Dragon Twice [Peacefrog]
12. Wojtek Urbanski Violet Violin feat. Joanna Laczmanska [Compost Testpressing]
STEFANO GHITTONI'S INK 2 MIX for soulsearching
14. Ben Watt Old Soul [White]
15. The Dining Rooms Ink [Schema]
16. Amp Fiddler Right Where You Are [Genuine]
17. Coldcut Walk A Mile In My Shows/Henrik Schwarz Remix Edit [Ninja]
18. The Dining Rooms Free To Grow/Quarion Remix [Schema]
19. Willie Colon Angustia Maternal [Fania]
20. Toco Samba Noir [Schema]
21. Watts 1965 R Beautiful [White]
22. Future Beat Investigators Lotus [MOTT]
23. The Dining Rooms Thank You/Swerl Remix [Schema]
24. The Dining Rooms Appuntamento A Trieste [Schema]
25. The Cinematic Orchestra To Build A Home [Ninja]
27. Bugge Wesseltoft Min By/Excerpt [Jazzland Promo]

it's 5am in the morning, another soulsearching running is recorded and the feeling's good...with so much fantastic music around me, i don't care about the time of the night or day when i want to deliver this show weekly.
new bits by marbert rocel & wojtek urbanski on compost records, yukimi nagano goin solo with her friends, spreading pure magic with "twice" on peacefrog taken from the album little dragon, more aiff afrobeats out of the netherlands, a ramp discovery by gp released through luv'n'haight, milez benjiman on ubiquity, fusion masterpieces from the dons herbie hancock and dom um romao, a rather excellent re-edit of one of the tunes of all times, done very sensitive with the outtakes of marvin's whats goin on, linkwood family settin the vibe for the 2hrs show and unfortunately just a little snippet from bugge wesseltoft breathtakin beautiful solo piano album - i promise to play more next week!
summer breeze mix series continues - a good friend out of milano, stefano ghittoni has put together some very cool moments in his ink 2 mixtape. check the album "ink" by the dining rooms on schema recordings! grazie mille, stefano.

next week its kinda italia part 2 with those deephouseheads paolo morris and egon sirabella aka broken reform, bolzano.

shouts to the wickedjazzsounds amsterdam for a special party last saturday. 2 djs, 3 musicians and 1 singer showed their love for good music. keep on keepin on.

enjoy the music,


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