Quincy Jointz is DJing for years and doing different radioshows. In 2003 he formed the project Geriba. In 2006 he started to produce own tracks and remixes.

Playlist Quincy Jointz

1. Umberto Echo feat. Wally Warning Let them free [ENJA Rec ]
2. 7 Samurai with Desmond Foster Feel the same (Dubben remix) [Poets Club Rec ]
3. De-Phazz Hell..s alright (Quincy Jointz remix) [test ]
4. Featurecast Avenue Rock [Goodgroove ]
5. A. Sliiz vs. Nick Thayer Rock the spot [Insane Bangers Vol. 5 ]
6. Tal M. Klein Houston Brownwater Moccasins (QDUP Remix) [Aniligital Music]
7. Soul of Man Between the eyes (A. Skillz remix) [Fingerlickin.. Rec ]
8. Deela Azua Azua (Latin Funk mix) [Switchstance ]
9. Mo' Horizons Ay Y N..ama (DJ Day remix) [Agogo]
10. Tal M. Klein That ain..t no mermaid (Quincy Jointz remix) [Aniligital Music]
11. Ursula 1000 ElectricBoogie (Fort Koox Five remix) [ESL ]
12. Quincy Jointz Trippin.. (Rex Riddem remix) [Timewarp Music]
13. Bantu Oya Oya (Quincy Jointz remix) [Nesta Rec. ]

This mix contains brand new and unreleased remixes that Quincy did for De-Phazz, Bantu and Tal M. Klein and the Rex Riddem remix of "Trippin.." which was released only digital in June 2007.


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