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Playlist 29/07/07 with Yosaku

1. James Brown - Sometime [Polydor/Universal]
2. The Audible Doctor - Oh Darlin the Second [cdr]
3. Gotye - Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver (Rocky Lolo Way Back When Remix) [Samples n Seconds/Creative Vibes]
4. Elmore Judd - Tron Song [Honest Jons]
5. The Politik - Saturn [Antipodean]
6. E Da Boss - Go Left (Exile Remix Instrumental) [Om/Stomp]
8. Common - The Game [Geffen/Universal]
9. Sefyou Yohannes - Tezeta [Buda]
11. George Duke - Someday [MPS]
12. Jose James Quartet - Central Park West [Brownswood/Creative Vibes]
13. The Landau Orchestra - Stevie Bam Jackson [Milan]
15. Flow Dynamics - Tremendo Boogaloo [Freestyle Records]
16. Mandrake - Berimbau (Bongo Re-edit) [Mr. Bongo]
17. Yosaku - Mirandolina [Fresco]
18. Amedeo Tomassi - Brasilia (Yosaku Re-edit) [Arision]
19. Glenn Underground - Play, Play, Play [Life Line]
20. Middlewood Sessions - Fall Back (Spiritual South Remix) [Brownswood]
21. Unknown - Unknown [?]
22. Soil & Pimp Sessions - Sahara (Zed Bias Remix) [Brownswood]
23. Jazztronik - Bra Step [Canyon]
24. Yosaku + DJ Day - The Bottle (Raw Test) [Test]
25. DJ Day - Primera [Subcontact]
26. Yosaku - Untitled (Malembe Instrumental) [Test]
27. Roy Hargrove & The RH Factor - Universe [Verve]
29. Heralds of Change feat Oliver Daysoul - Bopgunn [All City]
30. Peven Everett - Sexy Make Up (Tarantulaz Remix) [Defected/Stomp]

After playing quite a few of Yosaku's brazilian and latin edits/remixes, it seemed timely to get him to put together a mix for Stylin. His recent releases for Arision and Beyondjazz were in there, plus a couple of his new tunes including a collab with fellow Californian DJ Day. These were interspersed with other likeminded sounds, all sweetly mixed into a set I'd love to hear in a club. Check him out at www.myspace.com/yosaku.
As for my bits of the show, we had trainspotters' corner again, this time with Common's single 'The Game' from his new album 'Finding Forever'. When I first played this on Stylin a little while back, I thought the sample was from Ethio-jazz don Mulatu Astatke, but it turns out to have been one of his countrymen, Sefyou Yohannes. We also heard George Duke's 'Someday' as sampled on the song 'Break My Heart' from Common's new album. 3RRR subscribers should tune in to Stylin live next week for a chance to win a copy of the album.
Also in there: the Audible Doctor's 'Brownies' which is a double-tribute to James Brown and J Dilla, Jose James with a vocal version of Coltrane that had me all choked up, Peven Everett given a housey remix and Heralds of Change again because they're some of the hottest producers in the world right now and they've got the superb Olivier Daysoul on vocals.
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