a very different mix this time around from eleventhirtyeight called "through the catflap"

Playlist eleventhirtyeight

1. 0.00terry callier intro from love theme from spartacus
2. 1.20 sigur ros piano loop the roots drums and inspired a cappella
3. 4.40 dj vadim talk to me
4. 6.24 saul williams the pledge a cappella mixed with dj vadim- talk to me
5. 8.06 drums from roots phrenology album over strings ryuichi sakamoto
6. 9.04 kate bush loops taken from sky of honey cd with some funk drum loops mixed over and broadway project loop
7. 10.26 funk drum loop with jose gonzales heartbeats guitar loop
8. 11.00 benjamin zephaniah and rodney P-rong radio with various drum loops over it
9. 17.38 funk drum loop with mandolins taken from motorcyle diaries soundtrack
10. 21.10 lewis black standup comedy routine with funkloops
11. 21.32 david axelrod vox sample with drumloop
12. 22.15 eurythmics sweet dreams eleventhirty eight edit
13. 25.10 goldie inner city life eleventhirtyeight edit
14. 26.52 wolfgang haffner-space calzone orb blue room dj krush string loop
15. 33.36 jimi tenor-barcelona sunrise into s.i futures-i like that
16. 36.15 ame and home made loop
17. 37.39 ame and gossip- standing in the way of control (playgroup mix)
18. 42.50 broken beat track that I cant find name of and a latin dub loop and from here I give up because thereis tons going

ELEVENTHIRTYEIGHT IS THE PRODUCTION, PERFORMANCE AND DJ PARTNERSHIP OF STU HOLLAND AND DELESH CHAUHAN. Working on various projects ranging from afrobeat through to cross genre electronica, currently in development is 'LIFE SEASONS' an innovative project of live sampling, audio manipulation and traditional instruments to convey through sound and images the life cycle.

WE present in stereophonic sound for your listening pleasure: 'IN THROUGH THE CATFLAP ' A DJ mix of many genres of tunes, loops and FX crafted together with manipulation, trickery, sandwiches and love. We'll hold your hand if your scared of more than one kind of music in a mix.

Further info and original music available at


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