It's harvest time at Floz records and the month of dirt reveals itself to be a dark, hard and heavvvy broken affair.

Playlist October

1. October ‘Is Love’ [CDR]
2. Fauna Flash ‘Tel Aviv’ Peter Kruder’s Bum-Rush The Discotheque Remix [Compost]
3. October ‘Breathe’ [Fluid Ounce]
4. Voom Voom ‘Ginger & Fred’ [Compost]
5. October & Borai ‘Kick’ [CDR]
6. Minus 8 ‘Solaris’ Pascal Hahn & Minus 8 Remix [Compost Black Label]
7. October ‘Medium’ [Striking Hand Music]
8. Dave De Gato ‘El Diablo’ [Fluid Ounce]
9. October ‘Laser Finger’ [Fluid Ounce]
10. Stereotyp ‘Fling Style’ [G-Stone ]
11. October ‘Ya Know’ [Fluid Ounce]
12. October & Borai ‘The Letter I’ [CDR]


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