Toshio Matsuura presennts Freestyle exclusives and jazzed out happenings from the Jap Jazz captain marvel.

Playlist 10/07/07

1. Quasimode Last Nine Days [Geneon test]
2. Thief Down Down [Digital Kollktiv]
3. Funset No Blame [Sonar Kollektiv test]
4. Eddy Meets Yannah Postman [Compost test]
5. Immigrant's Bossa Band Yakusoku (Sunaga T Experience remix) [The Garden Records]
6. Qasimode Time Is Love [Geneon test]
7. Drumlesson REJ [Sonar Kollektiv test]
8. Manuel Tur & DPlay Clock Shift [Compost Black Label test]
9. Down To The Bone Electric Vibes - DJ Spinna remix [Giant Step]
10. Enzyme Black Power of Seven [test]
11. Studio Apartment Round The World [Apt]

This week Toshio Matsuura's 711
New japanese Jazzer Quasimode finally releases his 2nd album
"The Land of Freedom". Exclusive 2 tracks from that with Carmen Lundy And from Zagreb, nice duo Eddy meets Yannah is ready to release their new album. Check this out!
Plus more tunes from Drumlesson and some new tunes from Sonar Kollektiv.
Hope you guys enjoy!



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