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Playlist 6/07/07

1. Breakthrough ft Bembe Segue - Green like the sun [ Pantone music]
2. Nicole Willis - I’m Not going [ Sahko]
3. John Forte ft Robyn Springer - Harmonize [ Giant Step]
4. Cornish Waters - Walking [ Brownswood]
5. Ashantis - Everybody [ Afro Funky]
6. Kutiman - Music is my world (DJ Day edit) [ Melting Pot ]
7. [Re:Jazz] - people hold on [ Inracom]
8. Jabber loop - look to the sky [ Mukatsuku]
9. Ellen Mcilwaine - Aint No Two Ways To It (It’s Love) [ Routine records]
10. Claude Larson - Mosquito [ Afro Funky]
11. Blue Velvets - Summertime [ BBE]
12. Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing [ Louisiana Red Hot]

New bits, old bits and some of the hottest cover versions around at the moment this week!
Easing our way in with the sultry sounds of Bembe Segue on Breakthrough’s track "Green Like The Sun” which leads nicely into a track from back in 2000 by Nicole Willis, quite an eighties soul vibe to this one.

Next up, a record I stole out of my flatmates collection, John Forte - Harmonize. Trust me, the boy plays folk music these days, he ain’t gonna miss this wonderful slice of soulful hip hop! A second play on the show from Cornish Waters, something I don’t think I have done before, but its such a wonderful record, it merits a rewind.

Picking up the tempo mid way as we venture into disco and afrobeat with Ashantis classic track, “Everybody” on the new super limited reissue label Afro Funky (only 350 pressed worldwide of each record. Once they are gone, they are gone!)
If you checked Michael Ruetten’s SoulSearching show last week, you would have heard an amazing mix from DJ Day, well, here he is once again with his remix of Kutiman.

Next up, a Big Band cover version of Lisa Stansfield.

Where was I? Oh yes big thanks to Nik Weston's Mukatsuku label bring the sound of Japan's Jabberloop to vinyl for the first time ever. If you like the sounds of soil n pimp then this will be well up your street. Again, coming out of Japan, the good folks at Routine Records have done the sensible thing and reissued the amazing track from Yukihiro Fukutomi with his edit of Ellen Mcilwaine’s born under a bad sign. This was a massive track back at the turn of the millennium on the broken beat co op scene and I have been after it on vinyl for about six years. Well the track I’m playing you this week was on the B side of the reissue and my god, its good. Country disco stomp from 1972!

Another reissue on the Afro Funky label this time from Claude Larson with his track Mosquito taken from the LP - A Musical Wildlife. Then two fantastic cover versions to close the show, first up Blue Velvets lounge disco take on George Gershwin’s track, “summertime”. There are quite a few cover versions of this track knocking about, as of June 22, 2007 , an international group of collectors of recordings of Summertime known as "The Summertime Connection," knows of at least 18,985 public performances, of which 13,116 have been recorded. I think I got about 17 different versions of it myself!

Saved what I think is the best track for last this week. They have been rocking New Orleans for the past few years with their traditional Sunday street parades and now they are Brighton based Tru Thoughts latest label signing. I have played this out in clubs at peak times to a packed dance floor and despite the initial confusion, this track always delivers. Some serious reworking going on here, this is the Hot 8 Brass Band taking Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing to a whole new level. Enjoy!!


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