Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 4/07/07

1. Nr. 45 - Badun [ Badun / Rump]
2. Pyromania - Quest.Room.Project [ V/A - Iannis Xenakis Tribute / Excentrica]
3. Field Project 3 - Kaiton [ Field Project / I Need It Records]
4. Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water - Ben Frost [ Theory of Machines / Bedroom Community]
5. Hsi-Yu Chi - David Shea [ Mort Aux Vaches / Mort Aux Vaches]
6. A-Kemia - Pan sonic [ A / Mute Corporation]
7. Run - Senking [ Silencer / Karaoke Kalk]
8. Brittle Village - Hush Arbors [ Under Bent Limb Trees / Digitalis]
9. September Swell - Manual [ Bajamar / Darla]
10. Untitled #1 - Gas [ Pop / Mille Plateaux]
11. Swan - Lawrence English [ For Varying Degrees Of Winter / Baskaru]

In the Ancient Japanese religion Shinto, the sun goddess Amaterasu hid in the cave of heaven because her brother Susanowo the storm god treated her badly, closing the cave with a heavy stone. The world became dark and full of evil spirits. The despairing gods called a conference to decide how to resolve the terrible situation, and in desparation, plotted to trick Amaterasu by throwing a party outside the cave, placing a large mirror outside, and hanging jewels from the nearby trees. Amaterasu heard the music and laughter, and being a party girl at heart, she peeked out from the cave, was dazzled by her reflection in the mirror, that she came out of the cave. Light returned to the sky and coloured the world once again.

This weeks show follows Amaterasu's story through the skies, don your headphones for this one, and be prepared for some gorgeous sun drenched textures and radiant sonic blooms.

Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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