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Playlist 23/06/07 with Mista Savona

1. Future - Imagine (feat Abiodine of the Last Poets & Jon Blazini) [Future Scribe]
2. DJ Alibi - React [Tres]
3. J-Davey - No More [cdr]
4. A Race of Angels - Just Begin [Milan]
5. Little Dragon - Twice [Peacefrog/Creative Vibes]
6. Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Manifold [Rephlex/Inertia]
7. Slam - Weekday Mourning [Soma/Inertia]
8. Reggie Dokes - Skin I'm In [Third Ear]
9. Quince - Lost Track [Delsin]
10. Seiji - Not You [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
11. Orlando Joe - Mura Stomp [Slipped Discs]
12. Median - Rize [Halftooth]
13. Camp Lo - Black Hollywood [Good Hands]
14. Middlewood Sessions - Astro Blue [cdr]
15. Sekoya - Introducing the Highlife [cdr]
16. Flow Dynamics - Bossa for Bebo [cdr]
17. Jackson Conti - Upa Neguinho [Stones Throw/Creative Vibes]
18. Ashley Thomas - Kept on Runnin [Counterpoint]
19. Gordon Chambers - Stay Together (Breakthrough Remix) [Columbia Japan]
20. RJD2 - Rollerskating Jam [XL/Inertia]
21. J-Star - Shimmy the Light [J-Star]
23. Mista Savona - Words & Meditation [Elefant Traks/Inertia]
24. Mista Savona - Ruckers Hill [Elefant Traks/Inertia]
25. Mista Savona - Land of the Brave (feat Lisa Danjah) [Elefant Traks/Inertia]
26. Mista Savona - Song 4 Jiah (Extended) [Jake Savona]
27. Mista Savona - World a Run So (feat Determine) [Elefant Traks/Inertia]

After playing quite a few tracks from his new 'Melbourne Meets Kingston' album it seemed only right to have top ranking Melbourne reggae producer Mista Savona in the show. True to the title, all of the music for the album was performed by Jake (Mista Savona) and his posse of quality Melbourne instrumentalists, and then taken to Jamaica for a huge cast of vocalists to add their spice. Look out for his live performances too, where he re-interprets the album with 10- and 12-piece bands!

Meanwhile, we had as much new music as could fit before Jake dropped in. After a slow start to 2007, there seems to be great music everywhere right now, across all the favourite Stylin genres. Of particular note from this show: another taste of Sekoya's heavy new album 'Dalawa', moodiness from Little Dragon (fronted by Yukimi Nagano) who have signed to Peacefrog, more unreleased Middlewood Sessions, a bumpin bossa from Flow Dynamics, Japan's Breakthrough remixing US soulman Gordon Chambers, and the return of the mighty Camp Lo. The Quince album is in the shops now and comes highly recommended for fans of Detroit techno.

Next week Dean from Singapore's Dance and Soul crew will be dropping by.

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