Toupee and Not Happy Jan are electric partners in crime, subversifying sounds and Sucking Your disco with bent minimalistics and presumptuous electronix.

Playlist 02/11/05

1. Ice T Squeeze the Trigger [WB]
2. Novamen Sloom [Viewlexx]
3. T-La Rock & Jazzy J It’s Yours [Partytime]
4. N.W.A. SA Prize [4th & Broadway]
5. Umo Half Price, Full Value [Pharma]
6. Bad Street Boy Fickbeat [Pharma]
7. Major Problem Acid Queen [Subway]
8. Motiivi:Tuntematon 1939 [Freundinnen]
9. N.W.A. SA Prize [4th & Broadway]
10. Erik Electro cut [MMM]
11. Electronome Lox [Murder Capital]
12. Mandroid Electro Freaks Rehabilitation Clinic [Breakin’]
13. Egyptian Lover Party [Egyptian Empire]
14. Andrea Parker feat. DJ Godfather Bounce that Ass [Touchin’ Bass]
15. Dynarec Dragon Capture [Kondi]
16. Dexter D-Funked [Clone]
17. Drexciya Andrean Sand Dunes [Tresor]
18. Silicon Scally Clone Alone [Satamile]
19. Analogue Fingerprints Basement [Pigna]
20. Sendex Red Lagoon [Electro.1nix]

From profound social commentary to passionate
romance... get aboard the rollercoaster ride of raw
emotions in this mix from DJ Arschleck.


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