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Playlist 12/06/07

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2. Herb Alpert Summertime [A&M]
3. Charlie Rouse Merci Bon Dieu [Blue Note]
4. Noro Morales Quintet Saona/Gilles Peterson & Simbad Remix [Fania DJ Series]
5. Rusko Hornz Cru [Dub Police]
6. Fat Freddys Drop Ernie [Sonarkollektiv]
7. Kevin Reynolds Anonymous Room At The Corridor Last Night [Todhchai]
8. Paul Randolph Believer/J-nova Remix [Still Music]
9. Scott Swingwhaat [Test]
10. Nubian Mindz Bossa Boogie/Tech Dub [Rushhour]
11. Numbers Moonblood (Like A) [Main Squeeze]
12. Kay Suzuki Take It EZ [Co-Op]
13. Kutiman Music Is Rulin My World/DJ Day Remix [MPM Test]
15. Wagon Cookin Mallorca [Compost]
16. Wagon Cookin Start To Play/CPs Drumlesson Remix Pt.1 [Compost]
17. Wagon Cookin En El Barrio [Compost]
18. Wagon Cookin Conga Maluca [Unreleased]
19. Wagon Cookin Don't Stop [Compost]
20. Wagon Cookin Funky Stuff [Compost]
21. Inner City Good Life/WC Livemix [Unreleased]
22. Wagon Cookin Contour Generator [Compost]
23. Wagon Cookin Jumps On Me [Compost]


Wagon Cookin out of spain in the mix , showcasing their new album "2 Faces" which is due for a release through Compost Records this summer...muchas gracias!

a bit of broken, a touch of jazz, a dip into dubstep, back in time with FFD and Numbers (demus & rob...where is the new album ?), still sounding great, brandnew and exclusive to soulsearching music out of cologne by scott, swingin techhouse, and another summertime version by trumpet man herb alpert.

back next week with another pure soulpatrol box...

enjoy the music,


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