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Playlist 12/06/07 - Call Me Burroughs

1. William S. Burroughs + Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy Interlude 3 (the vultures) [4th & Broadway]
2. Material Seven Souls [Virgin]
3. WSB + Iggy Pop + Techno Animal The Western Lands [Sub Rosa]
4. WSB + DHoH Words Of Advice To Young People [4th & Broadway]
5. WSB + Gus Van Sant The Hipster Be-bop Junkie [TK]
6. WSB + Laurie Anderson Sharkey's Night [WEA]
7. WSB + DHoH Interlude 2 (this is insane) [4th & Broadway]
8. Ornette Coleman + Joujouka Musicians Joujouka [Sub Rosa]
9. WSB The Doctor Is On The Market [Interlude Music]
10. WSB The Do Rights & Naked Lunch [Giorno Poetry Systems]
11. Frank Zappa The Talking Asshole [Giorno Poetry Systems]
12. WSB + DHoH Mildred Pierce Reporting [4th & Broadway]
13. WSB The Wild Fruits [Giorno Poetry Systems]
14. WSB Apocalypse [Island]
15. WSB A Thanksgiving Prayer [Island]
16. WSB A New Standard By Which To Measure Infamy [Island]
17. WSB Progressive Education [Giorno Poetry Systems]
18. WSB Love Your Enemies [Island]
19. WSB Burroughs Called The Law [Sub Rosa]
20. WSB Present Time Exercises [Sub Rosa]
21. WSB Recalling All Active Agents [Sub Rosa]
22. Ministry Quick Fix [Sire]
23. Material Soul Killer [Virgin]
24. WSB Green Nun [Interlude Music]

Celebrating the words and voice of William S. Burroughs for this episode. For those that are new to this writer - pop over to wikipedia for some complete/partial truths.
Recording wise, ITG takes a broad view, offering up collaborations with Laurie Anderson, Bill Laswell, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Gus Van Sant and Ministry. I've included straight readings, as well as twisted sountracks - not to mention Frank Zappa reading the "Talking Asshole"! Plenty of material covering his favourite subject matter: The Government, mysticism, the military, medical profession, sex and heroin. Also on offer are a couple of rare recordings and old classics (The Doctor Is On The Market, Break Through In The Grey Room). Check out the cut up tape experiments from the 60s and then try telling me that WSB+Brion Gysin weren't 40 years ahead of electronic music. It's a long show, weighing in at almost 90 mins. Get comfy and make sure you're not going to be distracted for this one.


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