Jan Siegmund of Department Deluxe joins straightup once more, for another two hour show of the hottest in jazz!

Playlist Department Deluxe

1. Tocata Fernando Tordo [ HiTop]
2. The Mischief Of Cloud 6 Pepe Deluxé [ Catskills [a]]
3. Kind Of Latin Rhythm The Juju Orchestra [ Agogo [b]]
4. Find A Way Metropolitan Jazz Affair [ INFRACom! [c]]
5. Cordon Bleu Erik Andresen Quartet [ Ricky Tick]
6. Prussian Blue Native (Nicola Conte Jazz Dance Rework) [ INFRACom!]
7. Arising Chris Bestwick [ CD-R]
8. Kokujazz Solo Moderna [ Social Beats [d]]
9. Dreamers Dance Nostalgia 77 [ TruThoughts]
10. Step Aside Cecilia Coleman Quintet [ Interplay]
11. Rare Features Rare Greatures Solo Moderna [ Social Beats [d]]
12. Violet The Hi-Fly Orchestra [ Tramp]
13. Boogaloo Au One Two Two Cucumber [ stereofiction [e]]
14. Rosebud Axel Krygier [ Hitop [f]]
15. Nite Lites The Sweet Vandals [ Unique]
16. Guarapiranga Toco [ Schema [g]]
17. Cobra Coral The Dining Rooms (JuJu Orchestra Rmx) [ Schema [h]]
18. Mi Swing Es Tropical Quantic & Nickodemus [ TruThoughts]
19. Toda Mojaita Gecko Turner [ Lovemonk [j]]
20. Veleju Jazzinho [ Stereo Deluxe]
21. Something In The Way 4hero [ Raw Canvas]
22. Oya O Raw Artistic Soul Featuring Wunmi [ GOGO]
23. Night Song Sandboy (Yoruba Soul Mix) [ hinterland [i]]
24. Toda Mojaita Gecko Turner (Danny Lewis Afrofuturistic Instrumental) [ Lovemonk [j]]
25. Tenderness Diana Ross [ Compost [k]]

The motivation behind "department deluxe" is to do a monthly touch-of-jazz freestyle in the mix show is to reach all those people who want to listen to jazz influenced electronic music, but desperately search for jazz shows on public radio. The major problem was and still is that jazz styles with a NuJazz or electronic component, or electronic or whatever music with a jazz component or influence is not enough mainstream and too difficult to be listened to, to be played on the hot rotation stations and at the same time obviously too mainstream and artless to be played on conventional jazz radioshows. Instead of being constantly annoyed about this situation why not fill the gap and set up an own radio show?

The concept of the show is quite simple to describe: if you like it - play it, if you don't like it - don't play it. The result is a highly subjective view of things, which often ignores genre borders. The show tries not to present only an explicit genre, but defines itself as a forum of fusion of different popular jazz styles which hopefully found their ways back into the club scene within the last 15 years. Therefore the definition of ‚what is jazz' is a bit fuzzy and allows influences of different genres which so appear in a new context. An exact definition of ‚what is jazz' is actually not the intention - there are many influences like club- and easy listening sounds (...), call it nujazz, downtempo, breaks, nubossa, brasil, modern jazz who cares about names - listen to the music and like it or not ...


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