The GOGO Music radioshow shows off what GOGO Music is all about...finest house music only!

Playlist 6/06/07

1. Ralf GUM feat. Akira Dee Everything U [GOGO Music ]
2. Kings of Tomorrow Another Day [Defected ]
3. Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke Hold on to me [Soulshine ]
4. Black Joy The Bears [Freerange ]
5. Lil Louis Conversation [?]
6. Inaya Day meets Native Son The way it was (Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Way) [GOGO Music Test ]
7. Robert Owens & DJ Spen Geater Love [Mn2S ]
8. Markus Enochson Endless Dance (Karizma Vocal) [Sonarkollektiv ]
9. Raw Artistic Soul feat. John Gibbons In Their Eyes [GOGO Music]

Fresh deep house, plus one of my all time classic by Lil Louis. Just as I and hopfully you like it. Enjoy the music...


James wilson said:

hey there,

I have been listening to your mixes intently and i cant get enough.Could you send me mixes direct to my email?

it makes you grrove on the train withour realising it and your like yes lets do stuff.particualry goof for listening on trains and bikes i feel.


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