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Playlist 26/05/07

1. Binario - Quantao (Daz-I-Kue re edit) [ Far Out]
2. Sasso - Agua Y Luz [ Sick Trumpet]
3. Tom Eno - La Barajadura [ Jack to Phono]
4. SA-RA - My Lady [ Jazzy Sport]
5. IG Culture - Mumbo Jum [ Jazzy Sport]
6. SA-RA - Goldmine [ Jazzy Sport]
7. IG Culture - The Hype [ Jazzy Sport]
8. Tuomo - Don’t Take It To Hard [ Jupiter]
9. Bum Rocks - Chunky Stub [ Bumrocks]
10. Speech Defect & The Wack Wack Rhythm Band - Peace Island [ Handcuts]
11. 7 Samurai - Modernization [ GAMM]
12. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - If This Ain’t Love (Mr Scruff Vocal mix) [ CDR]

After the classic selection of the last show comes a complete turn around, as I’m pulling out all the best tracks that have been at the front of my record bag for the past few weeks. I’ve been busy playing gigs up and down the UK and these ones are getting a great reaction on the dance floors across the country.

Starting out recording just as the sun was setting on the horizon outside my studio window, a golden glow lit up the room and so what better to start with than a selection of some fresh Latin tracks. Straight outta Rio comes Binario, with an orchestrated piece that’s been heavily cut up by Daz-I-Kue before he segues the track back into the climatic ending of the original. This seemed to lead nicely into the new track from Sasso, ok so I may have played it at the wrong speed , but hey, if the mood suits. Finishing off the first few tracks comes one from Tom Eno, its got a bit of everything in there, summer pop, Latin guitar, bouncing beats… ahhh and relax

But not too long, just take a listen to what premier Japanese label Jazzy Sport have been up to… Two lovely EP’s from NSM presents IG Culture and SA-RA Creative Partners. A return to form for the latter, with lush keys, bin wobbling bass lines and no vocals. Nice

Last half of the show mainly focusing on soul and disco, check out the amazing sounds recorded and released this year courtesy of Tuomo, Sounding like its straight outta the sixties. Some cheeky disco action from the 7 Samurai boys and the crew over at Bum Rocks.

But a special mention for the last track of the show, delivered straight from the man himself, Mr Scruff has done an amazing job on this remix of Nicole Willis, this may be an exclusive, not sure but BIG THANKYOU TO ANDY for giving me his edit to play you all!!

Until next time, enjoy the show!


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