Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 25/05/07 - Outernational Dub #2

1. Dub It Gaudi [Interchill]
2. Mesi Bon Dyé (Bigga Bush Dub) David Walters [¡Ya Basta!]
3. I-Wah Manasseh [Interchill]
4. Welcome International Observer [Round Trip Mars]
5. Red Eye Green Green [SoulFire]
6. Dna Ashtech [Interchill]
7. Free Heart Zion Train [Interchill]
8. Ballistic Squeeze Sly & Robbie [Palm Pictures]
9. Space Movement Section 2 Creation Rebel [Interchill]
10. Blue Eyez Skream [Tempa]
11. Mahayana Ashtech [Interchill]
12. Meena Gaudi [Interchill]
13. Freyburg Place Mat International Observer [Round Trip Mars]
14. New Stylee Bush Chemists [ROIR]
15. ¡Ya Basta! Dub ¡Ya Basta! Crew [¡Ya Basta!]

3 great albums featued this week - Bass Sweat & Tears from Gaudi, Walkin' Target from Ashtec, Sub Signals (v/a). They all happen to be on Interchill which is having quite a dub renaissance at the moment. As always - this show is best enjoyed in front of a sound system with plenty of BASS!


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