Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 23/05/07

1. Tom Hall - The Story Of Awe Resonare [ Fluere / Nightrider Records* ]
2. BIG A little a - Thirteen [ ]
3. Allan Revich - A Red Circle with Nothing in it [ Fluxus Podcast ]
4. Deerhoof - Kidz Are So Small [ Friend Opportunity / Tomlab ]
5. Badun - Myg [ Badun / Rump Recordings ]
6. Scanner - The Spirit Of Speech [ Delivery / Earache ]
7. Scanner - Digital Anchor [ Delivery / Earache ]
8. Raz Mesinai - The Reanimator 1.0 [ Cyborg Acoustics / Tzadik ]
9. Christian Zanési - Marseille 2 [ Le Paradoxe De La Femme-Poisson / INA-GRM ]
10. Komet - Licht [ Rausch / 12K ]
11. Schneider Tm Vs KPT.Michi.Gan - The Light 3000 [ 7" / For Us ]
12. John Cage - Radio Music (Edit) [ Rough Trade Shops / Mute ]
13. Oval - Kardamom [ Rough Trade Shops / Mute ]
14. Apparat - Birds [ Walls / Shitkatapult ]
15. Raymond Scott - Bufferin: 'Memories' [ Manhattan Research Inc. / Basta ]
16. Rod Freeman & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World [ I Hear a New World, An Outer Space Music Fantasy / Triumph ]
17. Okkyung Lee - Anything You Say Anything You [ Nihm / Tzadik ]
18. DJ Spooky Vs Scanner - Dialogic [ The Quick And The Dead / Beggars Banquet ]
19. Rzep - Scrale With S Gard... [ Fluxus Podcast ]
20. Time Of Orchids - Sinecure [ Sarcast While / Tzadik ]
21. Christian Marclay & Otomo Yoshinde - Lucky Seven [ Moving Parts / Asphodel]
22. 16 Bitch Pile Up - The Brown Soil [ Bury Me Deep / Troniks]
23. Tom Hall - Metallon [ Fluere / Nightrider Records*]
24. DJ Olive - Terror [ excerpt of live performance at Liquid Architecture 6, Brisbane 2005]
25. Akira Kosemura - Yellow Lawn [ Drifting Skywards 2 / Cold Room]

* Denotes Australian Made

The title of the show was inspired by Raymond Scott from his album Manhattan Research Inc. The track Bufferin: 'Memories', narrated by Jim Hensen the muppet show man, features on the Rough Trade Shops, Electronic 01 CD. I've selected quite a few artists from this compilation for the playlist but have tried to list the original album that the track is from where possible for the trainspotters.

We start the show with a great track by NYC band Big A little a. Their music has been described as a "sonic battery of driving beats and ethereal electronics" by New York Magazine and from listening to their track Thirteen, I'm liking what I hear already. The drums, percussion and vocals in the track are just fantastic and the electronic sounds are really nicely integrated recommendation, thanks Commie Love Child on Last.FM , come back to us!! From Denmark, Badun have just released their debut self-titled album on Rump Recordings. If you like smooth electronic jazz, you'll enjoy this. Their sounds remind me of Flanger and in fact if you read their press release Burnt Friedman has been quoted saying "Probably the most elaborate programming of cyper-jazz to date"...nice. Also, check out their cute website Another new release is Apparat's album Walls, on fantastically named German label Shitkatapult. What can I say? Beautiful album.

From Brisbane, Australia we have sound artist Tom Hall with the track Metallon from his album Fluere. The album is based on 6 months of sonic documentation by Tom of the Story Bridge in Brisbane. Using contact mics and attaching objects to the Bridge, Tom gathered a huge number of recordings and has produced some magnificent ambient sound pieces for this album. Read more about Tom Hall here and check out the link to a great review by Lawrence English for Wire Magazine. Layered over Tom's track we have a excerpt from a live recording of DJ Olive doing his turntable "Terror" at Liquid Architecture in Brisbane, 2005...thanks for that recording Lawrence. We close the show with the beautiful sounds of Akira Kosemura and his track Yellow Lawn. This track is from the Drifting Skywards 2 compilation available as a free download from netlabel Cold Room, check it out This show was compiled by Yun Mei.

Australia's premier sound arts festival is coming up in June-July...yes folks Liquid Architecture 8, read about it here In Sydney, Liquid Architecture is presented by Alias Frequencies and Performance Space, and will be held at Carriageworks, a fabulous new contemporary arts venue in Sydney that most of us remember fondly as the old Eveleigh Railyards.

Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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