Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 8/05/07

1. Queen of the scorpion (vs the snake killers daughter) Depth Charge [ Spill / D.C. Recordings]
2. Eerily Spookily Macromantics [ Moments in Movement / Kill Rock Stars]
3. Thrupenny Bits Colossus [ West Oaktown / Om Records]
4. Right Position Featuring M.A.D. Tek 9 [ Simply / SSR Records]
5. Tea Leaf Dancers Flying Lotus ft. Dreya [ Various Assets / Red Bull Music Academy 2006]
6. Prayer Burial [ Burial / Hyperdub]
7. Vertabrae By Vertabrae Björk [ Volta / Atlantic Records]
8. Dunno Headset [ Spacesettings / Scape]
9. Midnight Request Line Skream [ Skream / Tempa]
10. Vamp Trentemøller [ The Last Resort / World Club Music ]
11. Deer In The Headlights (Troy Pierce Rmx) Chelonis R. Jones [ Get Physical Vol. 2 / Get Physical]
12. Enrico Isolee [ We Are Monster / Playhouse]
13. Camp Lejune Tstewart [ Living Exponentially / Merck]
14. An Axe For The Frozen Sea Within Her Cex [ Role Model / TigerBeat6]
15. King Out To Sea Toby 1 [ Cracks Increase / Surgery Records]
16. Nicotine Matthew Herbert [ Score / Studio !K7]
17. Minus One Broadcast [ The Noise Made By People / Tommy Boy Music]

The Queen of the Scorpion is our guide this fortnight, taking us through the light and dark shades of sorcery via sonic transmissions. She might be an evil vampire witch but she is also an alchemical moodmaker, lighting a pathway through the darkness with tracks by Macromantics, Flying Lotus, Cex and Toby1. She couldn't help but conjure up a track from Björk's new album 'Volta'. New tracks also from Matthew Herbert's new album "Score" and "The Last Resort" by Trentemøller.

Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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