Michael doesn't know any stylistic boundaries as long as it is soulful, interesting, fresh and of musical value! this week with legends pt.4: paul murphy

Playlist 5/05/07

1. Me & You Brighton Request Line Skit C [Tru Thoughts]
2. Me & You Brown Paper Bag [Tru Thoughts]
3. Sylvia Lay It On Me [Vibration]
4. Carlos Franzetti Lady Soho [Sonorama Re-Release Album Graffiti]
5. Theo Parrish They Say [Sound Signatures]
6. Caspa Cockney Violin [Dub Pistols ]
7. Soil & Pimp Sessions A.I.E. [Victor LP Pimpoint]
8. Sleepwalker Wind feat. Yukimi Nagano [Village Again]
9. Paul Murphy Withnail & I [Routine 12inch]
10. Ahmed Abdul Malik La Ikbey [New Jazz]
12. Gonda Sextet Afro Cuban [Hungarian Jazz Label]
13. Chocolates Afrocuban Magic Baba [El Chocolates]
14. Hugo Heredia El Beto [N/A]
15. Fania All Stars Vente Conmigo [Fania]
16. Walpataca Caliente [N/A]
17. Johnny Dyani The Robin Ireland Struff [N/A]
18. Roy Haynes Quiet Fire [Galaxy]
19. Art Blakey Night In Tunisia [Blue Note]
20. Dom Um Romao Braun Blek Blu [Muse]
21. Diesler Day Of The Jackal [Tru Thoughts]
23. Webster Lewis Do You Believe/Alternate Take [Plastic Strip]

i do have the pleasure to present in my show the true master of the jazzdance, the don of dons out of the uk, please give a warm welcome to sir, signore PAUL MURPHY ! after nicky siano, dr. bob jones and greg wilson just recently touching more the soul & boogie & house & electro side of dancemusic, its been about time to bring the J A Z Z in. paul murphy most probably started it all in the mid 80s with his legendary electric ballroom dj gigs, where he played heavy hitting afro cuban grooves and bebop-hardbop licks to an ever growing scene of jazzdancers freakin out regularly . . . he is the one who had a major influence and shared his knowledge about records with a then young guy who always came to his record shop asking about new old stuff and attented the dj sessions as well with high concentration. a certain gilles peterson took over paul's residency when he was asked to play somewhere else. and without paul, gilles would not be the jazzhead he is today. the rest is history, paul disappeared from the scene throughout the nineties and then came back with a BANG, runnin afro art records and producing one of the biggest jazzdance tunes of the last years: jazz rooms, together with marc woolford on the knobs...now he just moved to bella italia, still runs afro art , got his solo album "the trip" out on the streets (check it!) and this is more than enough reasons to invite paul murphy for the legends series, part 4. i asked him to do a shiftless shuffle mix , but he went even further and sent me an original electric ballroom set. and wow, the roof must have been on fire. sounding soooo good.
thanks a lot, paul and keep on keepin on! need to invite you for a jazzdance session here in frankfurt this year. . . watch out.

out of the soulpatrol box more heavy jazz out of japan by the soil & pimp sessions, taken from the new album "pimpoint", and sleepwalker with the nice, soft, beautiful voice of yukimi nagano, big re-release through sonorama records for an album that is almost impossible to get hold of in its original pressing, carlos franzetti's "graffiti", more theo parrish, followed by my kinda dub step on the dub police imprint, a class version of brown paper bag by brightons very own me & you, plus another big re-release or even first release ever of the whole session at club 7 in oslo norway in 1971 , which brought us the mighty "do you believe" which is one of my alltime favourite tunes. i am talkin about webster lewis livetapes, which have been lyin around ever since and the one album which was pressed then is another rarie which would cost you a little streetcar if you'd find it at all. but its not about the price or rareness, its about the music which is so special ! thanks to the guys at plastic strip records who are sharing this special moment in live jazz club music with us. check their webpage for details and get the double cd or even the 4-lp . . . wow.

so enuff said, just a little thank you for comin down to ENZO last saturday and the crowd which rocked the special COSMIC FUNK dance into may last monday. if you wanna get on the mailout list, just hit me back with "boogie down" .

next week its show 500. THEO PARRISH special mix. special show. keep it locked.

enjoy the music,


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