Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 25/04/07

1. Tony Gatlif and Delphine Mantoulet - 1,2,3 Nada Mas [Exils / Sony ]
2. Renaldo And The Loaf - 16 Going On 17 [Play Struve And Sneff / T.E.C. Tones]
3. Autechre - Crystel [Artificial Intelligence / Warp ]
4. Pickle - P.C.M. [Dub Rascals 2 / Little Rascal Records*]
5. Kudos - Weirdos Welcome [Can't Sleep - Wierdos Welcome 12" / Boka ]
6. David Toop - Howler Monkey Shits And Roars [Screen Ceremonies / The Wire Editions]
7. Deadbeat - A Brief Explanation... [Something Borrowed, Something Blue / ~scape]
8. Pascals - I'm This. I'm That. [Dodesukaden / Blue Label]
9. Moskitoo - De SIII? [Drape / 12K]
10. Jorge Savoretti - Phi Connection [Post Office - Special Argentina Madness / Telegraph]
11. Shelley Hirsch - Bessie [The Far In, Far Out / Tzadik]
12. Moskitoo - Shaggy [Drape / 12K]
13. Renaldo And The Loaf - Scottish Shuffle [Play Struve And Sneff / T.E.C. Tones]
14. Moskitoo - Tarantella [Drape / 12K]
15. Tim Koch - Lonely In Shark Cage [4-4-2 Music*]
16. Oto Efekt - In This Hole [Porträt (Various) / Carte Postale Records]
17. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home feat Patrick Watson [ Ma Fleur / Ninja Tune]

* Denotes Australian Made

Ever wonder why you meet certain people at particular times in your life? I do. This fortnights show Reason, Season, Lifetime is about the ebb and flow of relationships beginning with an exhilarating gypsy number by Tony Gatlif & Delphine Mantoulet, from the original soundtrack to the movie Exils. Autechre bring back some good memories from 1992 with their track Crystel. This is a feel good track...from back in the old warehouse party days. We hear an ear throbbing piece by Pickle from the newly released Dub Rascals Vol 2 album. Much kudos to Dub Rascals Vol 2, a cool new album of various Australian dub producers, including live dub outfit Dub Rascal Soundsystem, on Cairns-based label Little Rascal Records. Kudos, also, with the dub-step track Weirdos Welcome and some melodic madness from Renaldo And The Loaf and the Pascals. Also featured are a three pretty micro-sound tracks by Moskitoo from her new release Drape on label 12K. One of my "I absolutely love it" tracks at the moment is Lonely In Shark Cage by Tim Koch on 4-4-2 Music. I love the tracks slightly erratic behaviour and sudden changes in rhythm. I listened to this as I walked through The Rocks (Sydney) to work in the rain yesterday. This beautiful track is full of delicate sounds and dreamy melodies that fit perfectly with a rainy day. And finally, another absolutely beautiful track To Build A Home feat Patrick Watson by The Cinematic Orchestra from their upcoming release Ma Fleur on Ninja Tune, due out in May.

NEWS :: StraightUp 12" Sampler
StraightUp is putting out a 12" four track and are taking submissions now. If you are planning on having something that you would like to not only get airplay but recorded, then send them to us here at There is only one week left to get us your submissions. If you want to throw us a line about anything in particular please do at info[at]straightup[dot]com[dot]au

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