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Playlist 22/04/07

1. Flanger - Intro [Nonplace]
2. Mr Windmill & Jay Soul - 808HeavenBlvd (instr) [cdr]
3. Hipster Wonkaz - Jupiter Jam [Ubiquity/Creative Vibes]
4. J Moss feat Anthony Hamilton - I'm Not Perfect [Zomba]
5. Jazzy Jeff feat J-Live - Practice [BBE/Inertia]
6. Lifesavas feat Dead Prez & Vernon Reid - Freedom Walk [Quannum]
7. Harmonic 33 - Jungle Mystery [33 Throwdown]
8. Keith Lawrence - Ancestral Melody [Muzik Ed]
9. Greg Packer - Dancehall Queen [Shout]
10. Booty Bounce - Zion Fall [White]
11. DJ Oldfashion - One Way (Remix) [Revolution]
12. Bugz in the Attic - More Bounce to the Ounce [cdr]
13. Brenda Hilliard - Give Me All of Your Love [Boogie Times]
14. Randy Watson feat Bilal - Can't Hide Love [Concord]
15. Jaz'Presso - Mode Mode (Big Bang Remix) [Incense]
16. What's Up - I Can't Live Without It [Commodo Depot]
17. Jaz'Presso - Vera Cruz [Incense]
18. Pecombo - Burro Tipico [High Contrast]
19. Ryota Nozaki - Life Syncopation [Hats Unlimited]
20. Air - High Point [Virgin/Virgin]
21. Peder - Timetakesthetimetimetakes [Ubiquity/Creative Vibes]
22. Tied & Tickled Trio - Aelita 1 [Morr/Inertia]
23. Raymond Guiot - Bass Duettino [Sausage]
24. ?? - ?? [2Siders (2S006)]
25. Connie Price & the Keystones feat Big Daddy Kane - Give a Demonstration Part 2 [Scion]
26. The Bamboos feat Ohmega Watts - Get in the Scene [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
27. Amp Fingers - If I Feel It [Fiddler on the Boot]
28. Kemetic Just - Morning (Losing It Mix) [cdr]

This week's album tip is the Lifesavas new one 'Gutterfly' on Quannum. One of my fave hip hop groups ever, Camp Lo, guest on one tune and seem to have influenced a few others. I'll mention a couple of the brackets in this show: a lil reggae n beats bracket with Keith Lawrence, Greg Packer, Booty Bounce and DJ Oldfashion, and a lil Japan bracket with the great Jaz'Presso EP, Pecombo's bizarre scat jazz vs baile funk and Jazztronik's Ryota Nozaki doing a solo piano album.

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