Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 11/04/07 - Not Strictly Drum & Bass!

1. Maker Of All Plug [Blue Planet]
2. Drum & Bass for Papa Plug [Blue Planet]
3. Not Enuf Remix Nonplace Urban Field [incoming!]
4. Protons We [Asphodel]
5. Donkey Kong Cabbageboy [Ntone]
6. Hot Rock Tee The Odd Toot [Substance]
7. Casino Spring Heel Jack [Island]
8. Helicopter Congo Natty [CN Outernational]
9. Ring The Alarm Fu-schnickens & Pimp Juice [Jive Electro]
10. More Fire Congo Natty [CN Outernational]
11. Madness Dub Squad [NS Com]
12. 'You_gone? We [Asphodel]
13. Brazillionaire Cujo [Ninja Tune]
14. Track from As Is We [Asphodel]
15. The Mirror Is Crushing Oleg Kostrow [Edition Stora]
16. Hoax, What You Got? Nonplace Urban Field [Ninja Tone]
17. Countdown Luke Vibert [Warp]

This episode we go - *not* strictly drum & bass. That means a bit o' beat research care of Plug, some tasty jungle from We, Congo Natty, & driving d-n-b from Springheel Jack, Fu schnickens and others. Mandatory weirdness comes courtesy of Cabbageboy and Oleg Kostrow. Listen after you've had a couple of strong coffees!

Cheers for your ears, Delay.


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