Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 11/04/07

1. Pot Party Bob Summers & Mike Curb [ Teenage Rebellion Soundtrack / Sidewalk]
2. Go Check Ms. John Soda [ Drop Scene / Morr Music]
3. skipping A Robotobibok [ nawyki przyrody / Vytvornia OM]
4. Flite Cinematic Orchestra [ Everyday / Ninja Tune]
5. Kritische Masse To Rococo Rot [ Hotel Morgen/Domino Recording Co.]
6. UFO Has Landed In Murmansk! Natalia Grosiak & Mombus [ Various Assets - Not for Sale / Red Bull Music Academy Melbourne 2006]
7. Get Your War On Galactic Gangstas [ In Version / Clan Analogue]
8. Spider Spy Slipper [ Invisible Movies / Rephlex]
9. Field Study 3 Kaiton [ unreleased]
10. Gene Manipulation Phonophani [ Genetic Engineering / Rune Grammafon]
11. dream ii Leafcutter John [ The Forest and The Sea / Staubgold]
12. To Make Him Live again Electroluminescent [ Three Steps From a Valley / Chat Blanc]
13. Underground Overground Dollboy [ Casual Nudism / Arable Records]
14. Semen Song For James Bidgood Matmos [ The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of a Beast / Matador]
15. Milk Oblò Ent [ Fuck Work / Baskaru ]
16. File Care Microstoria [ Init Ding / Thrill Jockey]
17. Tillsammans Mira Calix [ Eyes Set Against The Sun / Warp Records]

This fortnight we get all freaky and paranoid taking a psychedelic view through the peephole of mind altering music. Starting with the LSD generation of the 60's Teenage Rebellion Soundtrack, we wander through a technicolour landscape stopping to sniff the sounds of Robotobibok, Slipper and Dollboy we take a left turn at Microstoria, take a toke of Mira Calix until the hallucinations subside.

Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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