Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 28/03/07

1. Zoviet France - Scene 1 [ Music For A Spaghetti Western / Klanggalerie]
2. The Real Luthor Mercy Maternal Clementine - It Went Down There []
3. Faux Pas - Dorothy's Finger [ Entropy Begins At Home / Self-released*]
4. Ikue Mori - Latino Interactive [ B/Side / Tzadik]
5. Skalpel - Tension [ Polish Jazz / Not On Label]
6. Holger Czukay - Hip Hip Flop Flop [ Rome Remains Rome and excerpts from Der Osten Ist Rot / Virgin Records UK]
7. Strawberry Girl - Moonbeams [ Em:t 2295 / Em:t]
8. Dominik Eulberg - Begrüßung Und Buntspecht [ Heimische Gefilde / Traum Schallplatten]
9. Ian Cho - Get Free! [ The Waking Woods / Tovian Records*]
10. Sonmi451 - Slice It Gentle [ A Phosphorous Spot / U-Cover Transparente]
11. Fred Frith - Catherine Jauniaux - Talking To The Tree [ Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora / Tzadik]
12. Tom Waits & Ken Nordine - Movie [ Devout Catalyst / Grateful Dead Records]
13. The Real Luthor Mercy Maternal Clementine - Caballeros e Meloni []
14. Bacanal Intruder - Carte Postale [ Portrat (Various) / A Carte Postale Records net label]
15. Coco Rosie - The Sea Is Calm [ Noak's Ark / Touch and Go]

* Denotes Australian Made

This fortnights show Devout Catalyst is named so after the Movie starring Ken Nordine and Tom Waits. A very entertaining piece of improvised spoken word or as Nordine would call it Word Jazz. A couple of rowdy experimental tunes free from The Real Luthor Mercy Maternal Clementine on A pretty electro-acoustic piece by Carte Postale from the album Portrat on the tasty Belgium netlabel A Carte Postale Records Also featured are two Australian producers, Faux Pas with Dorothy's Finger from his self-released album Entropy Begins At Home. There are some awesome drum sounds in this track. On a more noise ambient note we have Ian Cho's track Get Free! from his album The Waking Woods. Some beautiful listening so make sure you check out Ian's site and Tovian Records This crazy show was put together by Yun Mei!!

Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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