Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 28/03/07 - Dubwise & downbeat

1. Photon Torpedo Sub Dub [Asphodel]
2. Woof High Pass Filter (Spartacus Barraworn RMX) [HPF]
3. Blue Eyez Skream [Tempa]
4. Roller Dub Beam Up [White]
5. Rock Steady Andy Rantzen [Clan Analogue]
6. Dipper Beam Up [White]
7. ¡Ya Basta dub mix! ¡Ya Basta Crew [ ¡Ya Basta!]
8. Suuluup Beam Up [Little Rascal Records]
9. Sharazad Mista Savona [Elefant Traks]
10. Smokers Riddim Jerry Mane [Little Rascal Records]
11. Lane B Lena Lane [Quatermass]
12. Ursula Dub Bo Marley vs Disrupt [Jahtari]
13. ESN (live) High Pass Filter [HPF]
14. Future Dub Mouse On Mars [Too Pure]

Dubwise and downbeat sounds from Australia and all over. Special newies this time come from Cairns - Little Rascal Records' new dub comp (vol 2) & Melbourne's Mista Savona + Beam Up + High Pass Filter. Turn up the subwoofer and dive into your favourite armchair.....!

myspaces: mistasavona, smackumyongaku, lrrecords, highpassfilter


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