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Playlist 19/03/07 with Peven Everett

1. Karizma - K3 [R2/Inertia]
2. Hi-Fly Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova [Ajabu]
3. Jimi Polar - Snowflakin [Future Classic/iTunes]
4. Disco Vibes Orchestra - Cheeky Dub [Mettle]
5. Sylvia & The Moments - Sho Nuff Boogie [All Platinum]
6. Musiq Soulchild - Ridiculous [Atlantic/Warner]
7. Karizma - Good Night (Kay Outrolude) [R2/Inertia]
9. Peven Everett - Power Soul Intro [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
10. Peven Everett - One Kiss [Studio Confessions]
11. Peven Everett - This Just In [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
12. Peven Everett - Sankofa [ABB/Stomp]
13. Peven Everett - Sugar [Studio Confessions]
14. Peven Everett - Surely Shorty [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
15. Peven Everett - Feelin Who You Are [Studio Confessions]
16. Peven Everett - Puerto Rico (12" mix) [Kindred Spirits]
17. Peven Everett - Sexy Make Up [Soul Heaven/Stomp]
19. Blueprint - Fresh [Rhymesayers]
20. Spaceways Incorporated Plus Zu- You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks [Atavistic]
21. Phil Ranelin - Black Destiny [Tribe]
22. Soil & Pimp Sessions - Hype of Gold [Victor]
23. Ed Royal & Enne - Groove Collage [Innvision]
24. Lanu - Don't Sleep (Parts 1 & 2) [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
25. Mista Savona - Sharazad [Elefant Traks/Inertia]
26. Abd Al Malik - Je Regarderai Pour Toi Les Etoiles [Atmospheriques]
27. The Latin Brothers - Las Calenas Son Como Los Flores [Soundway/Creative Vibes]

I think it was around 2001 that Peven Everett began releasing homemade CDs on his own Studio Confessions label, and Stylin was onto them immediately. Since then Peven has had bigger album releases with labels like Genuine, ABB, Kindred Spirits, Traffic, Unified and now Soul Heaven/Defected which has released his current album 'Power Soul'. It was great to finally get to speak to Peven and to have an excuse to dig into his back catalogue again. While his production can be a little raw and lo-fi sometimes, his songwriting, musicianship (on all the instruments!) and voice have few peers in his generation. Definitely check out 'Power Soul' which is widely available now in Australia thanks to Stomp/EQ, but also try to track down some of his homemade releases, my more recent faves being 'Reflections of Misconception' and 'My Life My Struggle'.

Stylin broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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