Resonant Tapestry is an experimental radio show that interweaves music genres, taking listeners on an elaborate sonic journey.

Playlist 13/03/07

1. Sonnerie Pour Reveiller Le Bon Gros Roi Des Singes (1921) - Dada Et La Musique [ Unknown Label]
2. Countless - Da Crouton (with overlays from Dada Et La Musique) [ Grimsey]
3. Grandfathers Shield - Charles Oldman [ Unreleased]
4. Der Abendnaht, Die Lammer Ziehenheim, Chorus Sanctus - Dada Et La Musique [ Unknown Label]
5. Bomb And The Snowman - Darth Vegas [ Downloaded from]
6. Ya Kekchose - Chango Family [ Zion Zone Records]
7. Hettakorii No Ottokotou - Ex-Girl [ Alternative Tentacles]
8. First Woman On The Moon (with Battaglia snippet) - Cosmic Shenggy [ Independent]
9. Globus - A.R.T. Machines [ Unknown Label]
10. Left Handed - Arisona [ Independent]
11. Sloppy Joes - Wun Thong [ Beta Tapes]
12. Kirseberg - Vilhelm [ Kning Disk]
13. Alkhukarka - Kemialliset Ystavat [ Fonal Records]
14. Morpions - Les Fils De Teuhpu [ Irfan Le Label]
15. Ha Cha Cha - Darth Vegas [ Downloaded from]
16. Boogie Woogie Man In A Black Dress - Gabby La La [ Prawn Song]
17. Mere Imposters - Solex [ Matador]
18. Variations Of Variations (with Poeme Phonetiques, Histrorische Lautgedichte (1918) - Wun Thong [ Beta Tapes]
19. Farararara (with L'art Petit) - Wun Thong [ Beta Tapes]
20. The Source Excerpt (Live in Houston) - Fist Of Kong [ Burnt Records]

This fortnight on Resonant Tapestry special guest Wun Thong stirs the wok with a mix of old and new artists plus music 'sauced' from Myspace. There is a whole weird and wacky world out there and Wun Thong is delighted to take you on an aural journey into the underground vaults of the unheard. From the soothing Hawaiian infused sounds of Vilhelm (the amazing composing turtle), to the avant-garde improvisations of ensemble Fist Of Kong. You will be happy to know the world is full of strangeness sit back, relax and prepare your ears for this Special Sauce Mix ~Wun Thong


Presented by Yun Mei & Sofie Loizou


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