Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 14/03/07 - Mad Tunes From The World

1. Oro Gadje Branimir Dokic [Serbia]
2. Iroes Groupe Tambouri [Greece]
3. Mul Har Sinai Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe [Israel]
4. Hassaposervikos Theo Derveniotis [Greece]
5. Vasarska Paljerina Branimir Dokic [Serbia]
6. Hategana De Pe Somes Alexandru Titrus [Romania]
7. Jechal Zygan Die Brüder Wassilijew [Russia]
8. Skandal Kolo Branimir Dokic [Serbia]
9. Era Nato Poveretto Mario Piovano [Italy]
10. Aptaliko Zeybekiko Theo Derveniotis [Greece]
11. Hassaposervikos Unknown [Greece]
12. Imnos Tis KNE Groupe Tambouri [Greece]
13. Lustigi Schwyzer Meitschi Ländler Kapelle [Switzerland]
14. Izvezhdane Na Boulkata Neno Ivanov [Bulgaria]
15. Sabacka Cirija Branimir Dokic [Serbia]
16. Murguleetul, Hora si Sirba Frunza Verde [Romania]
17. Hategana del la Teius Alexandru Titrus [Romania]
18. Zvezdino Kolo Daranmir Dokic [Serbia]
19. Horo na Poyas Neno Ivanov [Bulgaria]
20. To Bouzouki ehi Kefia Unknown [Greece]

This episode I have special guest DJ Penny Metal (Wireless FM, UK) programming Mad Tunes From around the world. We have an accordian frenzy here, with some killer Greek dances, a couple of very nice kolos and violins to work ya up into a frenzy. Penny is also a Russian DJ specialist (amongst many other styles) and cool eastern blok graphic artist. Delay met her last year whilst playing balkan tunes out in London. You can listen to her show on Thursday evenings 8PM GMT.

DJ Delay - myspace/smackumyongaku
Penny Metal - myspace/pennymetal &


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