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Playlist 1/03/07

1. Andy Bey Celestial Blues [Atlantic]
2. The Crusaders Message From The Inner City/Prommer/Di Gioa Interpretation [CDR]
3. Sheila Landis Leigh Anne's Dance [Counterpoint]
4. Ricardo Marrero And Time Feel Like Making Love [Fania]
5. Osibisa Music For Gong Gong [MCA]
6. Hakan Lidbo My Only Love/Mist Remix [Mantis CDR]
7. Nick Straker Band A Little Bit Of Jazz [Prelude]
8. Tracey Thorn It's All True [Virgin Promo]
9. Amp Fiddler Faith/Jazzanova Remix [Genuine]
10. J Bless Speaking With Rhymes Dub [UniqueUncut]
11. Chi-Lites Love Shock/Kissin Cousins ReEdit [Tinpot]
12. Stevie Wonder Blackman [Motown]
13. Karma Beach Towel/I:Cube Cosmix Marathon Remix [Compost White]
14. The Cinematic Orchestra To Build A Home [Ninja Tune]
15. Gary Marks Sailing [Kindred Spirits]
16. Billy Bang Sextet Rainbow Gladiator [Soul Note]
17. Paul Weiner Quartet Colinda P [Sonarkollektiv]
19. Wolf Escher Quintet Nelson's Waltz [Jazz Groove EP 1969]
20. Inge Brandenburg Summertime [CBS 1965]
21. Theo Schumann Combo Karawane [Amiga EP 1964]
22. Klaus Weiss Trio Subo [Philips 1966]
23. Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet Now Jazz Ramwong [CBS 1964]
24. Dieter Reith Trio A Happy Afternoon [Saba 1965]
25. Joki Freund Sextet Yogiana [CBS 1965]

another pure freestyle selection warming up for a rather fantastic mixtape this week:
NICOLA CONTE's exclusive MADE IN GERMANY jazzmix, part 1. beautiful jazzmusic out of his collection, strictly german productions of the 1960's. pure bliss. and records rare as snow these days (if anyone got the klaus weiss trio please get in touch with me, need that!!). watch out for part 2 later on this year and a remix selection mixtape in one or two weeks time including some as yet unreleased conte remixes and reworks. grazie mille, signore!
out of my box: christian prommers and roberto di gioas very fine interpretation of a crusader classic, taken from a brilliant unreleased project - the crusaders interpretations. sheila landis, osibisa and ricardo marrero, billy bang on the oldschool side of things, brandnew hakan lidbo on mantis in a first class remix, the better side of pop with the return of tracey thorn as produced by metro area and klas lindblad, a take from the nice basement soul compilation, stevie wonders mighty blackman, nick straker band's hands in the air anthem and ... the return of jason swinscoes cinematic orchestra with the mindblowing "to bulid a home", taken from the forthcoming album on ninja tune. plus gary marks sailing, one of my favourites at the moment.

back next week with makossa & megablast in the mix.

if you are in porto this saturday march 3rd you can catch me spinning at the pitch club...looking very much forward to this as it is my return to porto/portugal after 2 years time now.

take care & enjoy the music,


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