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Playlist 24/02/07

1. Karizma Sad Isn't It [R2]
2. Willie Hutch Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme [Motown]
3. Willie Hutch Give Me Some Of That Good Old Love [Motown]
4. Azymuth Morning/Peanut Butter Wolf Edit [Far Out]
5. Azymuth Estrada Dos Deuses/Recloose Edit [Far Out]
6. Kerri Chandler Watching The Moon [Deeply Rooted House]
7. Attias Time And Space [Still Music CDR]
8. Karizma Twyst This [R2]
9. Padlock Peanut Butter [Garage/Island]
10. Kathy Diamond Over [Permanent Vacation]
12. Audiotreats Beat I [CDR]
13. Audiotreats Beat II [CDR]
14. Audiotreats Beat III [CDR]
15. Audiotreats Beat IV [CDR]
16. Audiotreats Beat V [CDR]
17. PPP 1 Luv [Fat City]
18. Fyza 1 Night [CDR]
19. Clyde Neva That [Mantis]
20. Amp Fiddler 7 Mile [Genuine]
21. Peven Everett Can't Do Without [Soul Heaven]
22. Ty What U Want [Big Dada]
23. Down To The Bone Angel Baby/Daz-I-Kue Remix [Narada Jazz CDR]
24. Restless Soul It's So Hard [CDR]
25. Sonar Circle Back To You [Twisted Funk]
26. Pete Philly & Perquisite Amazed/Seiji Remix [Epitaph]
28. Lanu Dis-Information [Tru Thoughts]
29. Angela Bofill People Make The World Go Round [GRP]
30. Aquabella Desire [Epsilon Records]
31. Rythmagic Orchestra African Mailman [Impossible Ark CDR]
32. Native Prussian Blue [Infracom White]

this week some double features like the brilliant azymuth remix/re-edit project on far out, all about the legendary first album by the brazilian guys.and willie hutch from the classic foxy brown soundtrack. plus karizma's mind of its own lp on r2 out of baltimore via uk and a new brothers joint by the attias mafia. strong on still music. back in time with padlock vs. larry levan sounding sooo good, as well as francisco aquabella and angela bofill, plus out of australia, lanu's broken soul beats and a remake for the african mailman by an 11-piece allstar orchestra out of the uk and cuba named rythmagic orchestra plus the hard bop by native rounding things up.
in the mix long overdue guests out of mainz, soulparlor. they 've got their CDR's full of forthcoming broken stuff in the box...doin monthly sessions at the red cat club, this weekend, saturday marc de clive-lowe will do a liveset featuring bembe segue on the vocals. wow. thanks, guys, keep it up!

if you like to catch me spinning this weekend, come to our monthly cosmic funk session at hafen 2 saturday 24th february, doors 22h-....al-x and myself preparing and serving the goodies out of boogie, house, soul and jazzfunk to you. welcome!

for your calendars...i will be back in porto after 3 years on saturday 3rd march playin at the pitch club. so if you're there, join in.



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