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Playlist 18/02/07

1. DJ Day - Four Hills [MPM/Creative Vibes]
2. TK - Never Never [Liquid V/Inertia]
3. Heist & Studio 12 - Creeping Dub [Digital Soundboy]
4. Mutt - Soundkilla [cdr]
5. Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Stitch Mix) [Live]
6. DJ Vadim feat Deuce Eclipse - Like the Wind [BBE/Inertia]
7. The ARE - City [cdr]
8. Frank n Dank - Why [Dopeness Galore]
9. Big City (Psycho Les, Al Tariq & Problems) - Chedda [Nature Sounds]
10. DJ Jazzy Jeff - Bossynova [BBE/Inertia]
11. Grunert - It's All Good in the End [Hong Kong]
12. Jill Scott - The Fact is (I Need You) (Live in Paris) [Hidden Beach]
13. Fertile Ground - Simple TImeless [cdr]
14. Mario Biondi - A Child Runs Free [Schema/Creative Vibes]
15. Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed [Soundway/Creative Vibes]
16. Sonora Carruseles - Vitamina [Discos Fuentes]
17. Copa Salvo - Hasta la Victria Siempre [RD]
18. 4 Hero - Sink or Swim [Raw Canvas/Inertia]
19. Free the Robots - Jazzhole [Jazz & Milk]
20. Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough [Pulver/Creative Vibes]
21. Blackjoy - Unititled [Freerange/Stomp]
22. Glenn Underground - Negro Music [Unified]
23. Delicious Allstars - Poker Nights Theme [Skyline]
24. Airport West - Airport Love Theme [cdr]
25. Margernowe - Acid Cries [cdr]
26. DJ Ooh-ee - So Gaye [cdr]

BNX was scheduled to come into this week's show, but only woke up half an hour after the show finished! Never mind, we had some reggae-tinged drum & bass, Columbian disco and salsa (check the new 'Columbia' comp on Soundway), a ripper live performance from Jill Scott, Fertile Ground doing Chico Hamilton, and a trio of unreleased downtempo delights from Melbourne.


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